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Colombia loves babies

Thanks to the phenominal work of our own Gualberto Garcia Jones, legal scholar and activist par excellence, a legal brief was filed a few days ago in defense of human beings who depend on their mothers for survival while in the womb.

Pandas and rhinos and dogs – oh my!

Ah, the eternal optimist I am. Since I was tied to my desk (figuratively, I assure you) and unable to accompany my colleagues who were going to the Supreme Court, where two abortion-related cases were being heard on Nov.

Limits on murder

It is always astounding to me to read a headline claiming that the majority of Americans are willing to limit the killing of innocent children.


A research study recently released to the United Nations has revealed that globally there are at least 200 million more males than females – because of what one researcher has termed “gendercide”

Thanks be to God

As we celebrate Thanksgiving and begin our preparation for the birth of the Christ Child, I wish each of you who read this blog a most blessed and spiritually productive experience.

A penalty of death

Some days it seems as though the world has turned completely upside down; nothing makes sense. I just experienced a couple of those days and it has left me nearly – but not totally – speechless.

Supreme thoughts

Debating about the nominees to the Supreme Court takes up tons of printer’s ink and hours of talking head time on television, but a careful reflection on the root problem tells us that perhaps America needs to take a close look at what the Supreme Court actually is and where it fits in.

Piloting sex ed

Michigan’s Willow Run Middle School just won a sort of favored nation status from Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. The middle school is going to be a pilot site for a sex ed workshop for parents of teens.

Target off target

Target stores has a policy that permits pharmacists to refuse to fill requests for the morning after pill – the pill that can abort a child.