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Boston two-step

The not-quite-unbiased National Catholic Reporter tells its readers that Archbishop Sean O’Malley stayed away for a dinner honoring pro-abortion Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, while the Archbishop’s spokesperson, Terrence Donilon, is quoted in the Boston Globe, praising the mayor.

Bill and Melinda Gates: People of the Year?

Behind every good man is a good woman. How many times have we heard that age-old saying? Sure, some women who still believe that our gender is being suppressed by men might hear that quip and immediately think: discrimination.

Michael Schiavo’s web of deceit

It’s easy to see why lies can be so tempting. For those intent on having things their own way regardless of the cost, lies are useful because they can injure and destroy people.

Choice on earth?

Reading the various reports on STOPP International’s Jim Sedlak and his comments regarding the Planned Parenthood Christmas scam

Right, conservative or deceptive?

A recent news report states “the Christian right” or “social conservative interest” groups are not very pleased with Senator Bill Frist, a man who is alleged to be on their side.

Planned Parenthood hijacks Christ from Christmas

It’s the Christmas season, and those who would corrupt the Christian message are in high gear. At the same time, though, Christians are being more vigilant this year than ever about defending their rights to publicly celebrate Christ’s birth.

Colombia loves babies

Thanks to the phenominal work of our own Gualberto Garcia Jones, legal scholar and activist par excellence, a legal brief was filed a few days ago in defense of human beings who depend on their mothers for survival while in the womb.

Pandas and rhinos and dogs – oh my!

Ah, the eternal optimist I am. Since I was tied to my desk (figuratively, I assure you) and unable to accompany my colleagues who were going to the Supreme Court, where two abortion-related cases were being heard on Nov.