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Hurricane relief repulsive

The Planned Parenthood offer of birth control “services” to people who do not even have a source of food, warmth and temporary housing reaks to the high heavens.

Morning-after death

It is amazing to me that the federal Food and Drug Administration has chosen to postpone any decision on the morning-after abortion pills being made available over the counter.

Where’s Wyatt Earp when you need him?

In Maricopa County Arizona the sheriff denied a female inmate the abortion she desired. His position is, though flawed, that “you lose a lot of rights when you’re in jail, whether it’s trying to get an abortion or watching R-rated movies.”

Crackpots at the ACLU

Recently a young mother gave birth to a premature baby. Sadly, the baby tested positive for concaine, and a judge charged his mother with reckless endangerment because she exposed her prebon child to the drug.

Painfully putrid

Yes it’s me again on the subject of fetal pain. How “shocking” to read in USA Today that two of the authors of the recent and much publicized “fetal pain” study have ties to the abortion industry! Surprise, surprise.

Ouch! That hurts?

Since when do doctors have to tell us that it is acceptable to take someone’s life simply because they allegedly do not feel pain?

American Opinion = Moral Guideline?

Ever wonder why editorial writers, even on the pro-life side of things, place so much credence in opinion polls? When discussing why most Americans really don’t accept the sweeping Roe v. Wade/ Doe v. Bolton Supreme Court decisions of 1973

Mistaken identity

Have you ever had an “I think I know you, but I can’t recall your name” moment when you see a familiar face at a gathering? And even worse, have you said, “Hi, Jane,” only to blush in embarrassment at the reply, “I’m sorry but my name’s Ruth”?

Junkyard dogs and Pro-life Memorial Day

When Jerry Falwell writes a column and calls me a junkyard dog, he isn’t kidding! And what he refers to is quite simply another in the long line of activities American Life League has developed to keep everybody’s eye on precisely what pro-lifers are supposed to be doing — saving babies!