Politicizing Babies

By Judie Brown The voices are rising every day. They say that President Trump is the most pro-life president our nation has ever had. They say that Joe Biden is, by contrast, the most pro-abortion. The hype is amazing on both sides. We know that many Catholic bishops, including Bishop Donald Hying of Madison, Wisconsin, […]


Amy Coney Barrett Praised by ALL President

For Immediate Release — Brown: “Barrett is a unique human being in so many ways and it is the excellence of women like her that drives our opponents mad!”– WASHINGTON, D.C. (28 September 2020) — American Life League president Judie Brown issued the following statement regarding Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett: As Judge Amy […]


Think the Political and Cultural Divisions in Our Country Are Bad? The Divisions in Medical Ethics Could Cost Your or a Loved One’s Life!

By Nancy Valko, RN, ALNC I wanted to be a nurse since I was 5. I was drawn to nursing not only because I wanted to help people but also because medical ethics standards were so high, especially in contrast to some of the corrupt business practices that I saw. I graduated from a Catholic […]


Reimagined Human Rights

By Judie Brown In the C.S. Lewis classic The Screwtape Letters, senior demon Screwtape writes to his novice demon (and nephew) Wormwood: “Indeed the safest road to hell is the gradual one—the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts.” One might say that Screwtape’s work in our society of late has […]


Meet Judie Brown!

Judie Brown is president and cofounder of American Life League, the nation's oldest grassroots pro-life educational and advocacy organization. ALL started in 1979 and has grown from a kitchen-table operation to a full-fledged professional organization with more than 30 full-time employees and 120 Associate organizations throughout the nation.

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