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Supreme thoughts

Debating about the nominees to the Supreme Court takes up tons of printer’s ink and hours of talking head time on television, but a careful reflection on the root problem tells us that perhaps America needs to take a close look at what the Supreme Court actually is and where it fits in.

Piloting sex ed

Michigan’s Willow Run Middle School just won a sort of favored nation status from Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. The middle school is going to be a pilot site for a sex ed workshop for parents of teens.

Target off target

Target stores has a policy that permits pharmacists to refuse to fill requests for the morning after pill – the pill that can abort a child.

Eugenics at Baylor

In Houston, Texas there is a fertility clinic that has been given permission by the Baylor College of Medicine’s ethics board to do prenatal genetic diagnosis to determine the gender of human embryos.

Judging the judge

Sometimes pro-lifers rival the pro-abortion crowd in their hysterical hyperbole. Such is the case regarding President Bush’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Samuel Alito.

Infuriating info

I just cannot stand it! As a resident of the state of Virginia I find it more than disturbing that a pro-abortion Catholic was just elected governor.

Playing doctor

My how the tables have turned. For years abortion advocates have accused pro-lifers of asking Congress to meddle in medical decision making because of our efforts to define abortion as the act of killing that it is.

Our Catholic bishops: Called to lead

Nearly three years ago, American Life League embarked on a serious campaign. We decided it was no longer possible to sit on the sidelines and watch while public figures, who claim to be Catholic, advocate, support, promote and vote for abortion.

Sickly stem cells

Politics in science is nothing new, but sometimes it is so blatant as to be downright discouraging. Recent reports suggest that those specific human embryonic stem cell lines that President Bush approved for use in 2001 are problematic.

A little Alito

We don’t usually make positive statements about political appointments or nominations until after we are certain that the person in question is really a true pro-life representative.