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WSR: 2021-02-17

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  • 15 min read

What Al Capone can teach us about fighting Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood Using Gender Services to Target Teen Girls
Background on Transgender Services at Planned Parenthood
Using the New Weapons in the Fight against Planned Parenthood

WSR: 2021-01-27

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  • 14 min read

New GAO report documents $1.6 billion in taxpayer money to PPFA
Quotes on the results of the latest GAO study on Planned Parenthood
Biden and abortion
The spiritual battle is taking shape under Biden.

WSR: 2021-01-13

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  • 11 min read

One-year anniversary of PPGNY
Planned Parenthood clinics decline for 18th straight year
The effects of the Marian Blue Wave

WSR: 2020-12-16

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  • 15 min read

Planned Parenthood issues demands for first 90 days
Planned Parenthood celebrating Biden-proposed cabinet
End-of-Year Pro-life Activities outside Planned Parenthood
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year