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WSR: 2023-04-12

  • Planned Parenthood-Backed Candidate Elected to Wisconsin Supreme Court after ‘Deceitful, Despicable, Dishonorable Campaign’
  • Planned Parenthood Head Calls Abortion Drug Revocation Ruling a ‘Gut Punch’
  • ALL’s Executive VP Hugh Brown Calls for Uncommon Courage in Fighting Planned Parenthood and Its Demonic Culture of Death
  • Planned Parenthood Opens New Facility in San Antonio’s Troubled West Side
  • Death Has Been Defeated; Life Is Liberated! We Are an Easter People!


By Rita Diller

Milwaukee County judge Janet Protasiewicz has defeated former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice Daniel Kelly for a key position on the Supreme Court of Wisconsin—a win that threatens abortion restrictions in place in the state where a conservative Supreme Court has held the reins by a 4-3 margin for the past 15 years.

Before the election, LifeSiteNews reported that “allies of Protasiewicz . . . are peppering the Wisconsin airwaves with television ads primarily focused on her support for legal abortion.”

In an impassioned announcement following his defeat, Justice Kelly said, “This was the most deeply deceitful, dishonorable, despicable campaign I have ever seen run for the courts.

Protasiewicz was endorsed by radical pro-abortion groups Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and EMILY’s List. Justice Kelly was endorsed by groups that work to support and protect human life: ALL’s longtime associate group Pro-Life Wisconsin, along with Wisconsin Family Action and Wisconsin Right to Life.

Pro-Life Wisconsin was American Life League’s first associate group. Like ALL, Pro-Life Wisconsin is 100% pro-life. Its Victory Fund PAC proudly proclaims above its election endorsements for Justice Kelly and others:

We proudly endorse these candidates who recognize the personhood of the preborn baby and hold the principled and compassionate no-exceptions pro-life position. For thirty years, Pro-Life Wisconsin has held high the banner of total protection for all preborn children. Because we insist on this high standard, more and more candidates for elected office are 100% pro-life. We stand behind those candidates who stand behind 100% of the babies.

During the days leading up to the election, Roman Catholic bishop Donald Hying and Archbishop Jerome Listecki of Milwaukee both reminded Catholics of the primacy of the right to life when voting.

Liberal groups outspent conservatives five-to-one in the race. The deep pockets prevailed, but we know that the fight will continue, and in the end life and justice for the preborn will prevail, providing that pro-life people make it their business to know and understand what is on their local ballots, work to make it 100% pro-life, and get out and vote!

In the battle we now face in each state to make abortion illegal and indeed impossible, it is absolutely critical that pro-life advocates vote with an informed conscience in all upcoming elections. In this age of the Internet, all the information is at our fingertips. Check to see who is endorsing the candidates and make your decision wisely, remembering that while there are many issues, abortion is not an issue. It is the ultimate violation of human rights—the stripping of the most basic right to life from human beings who have an innate, God-given right to live.

Returning the abortion fight to the states will not stop abortion unless those who understand that abortion is murder fight on every corner, including the ballot box, to stop abortion 100%!


For Alexis McGill Johnson, head of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, a Texas-based federal judge’s revocation of the FDA approval of the abortion drug mifepristone was a Good Friday “gut punch.” And yes, she specifically referred to Friday of Holy Week, when the ruling came down, as “Good Friday,” which is of course the day our Lord suffered a cruel death on the cross to redeem us from our sins. Chief among those is the sin of abortion—the mass killing of innocent babies—that cries out to heaven for justice.

Addressing the looming unavailability of the drug that is used to kill most of the children aborted each year, she invokes the outrageous and tired mantra that killing preborn children is healthcare, saying the judge’s determination “would wreak havoc on our healthcare situation.”

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood leaders from multiple states promised to carry on, if necessary, without step 1 of the abortion cocktail—mifepristone—which stops maternal support to the baby by breaking down the uterine lining. Instead, they will advance directly to step 2—misoprostol—which induces labor. ­

The revocation of mifepristone’s approval is set to go into effect this Friday, April 14. However, in an attempt to derail the ruling, the US Justice Department has already appealed it. In addition, a federal judge in Washington has ordered the FDA not to alter “the status quo and rights as it relates to the availability of mifepristone” in the 17 states and the District of Columbia that sued to keep the abortion drug on the market there.


“If Catholics would act like Catholics, abortion would be impossible.” – Hugh Brown

In a truly inspired talk, American Life League’s executive vice president Hugh Brown recently delivered a compelling talk at Cleveland Right to Life’s annual Bringing America Back to Life Conference. It is a message that we all need to hear.

Hugh is the son of ALL cofounder Judie Brown and her husband Paul Brown. He attributes his mother—rightfully so—with being the conscience of the pro-life movement. And Paul, he says, was the very backbone of American Life League for decades. Today, Hugh plays a pivotal role in the operations of American Life League, including its efforts to Stop Planned Parenthood.

Walking in the footsteps of his heroic parents, Hugh excites and elevates audiences, inspiring them to show uncommon courage in lighting up the path through today’s darkness to a world where human life is truly respected and protected.

I challenge you to take a half hour out of your day and become inspired by this man who tells it like it is. He grew up in the very cradle of pro-life heroism and is today showing himself to be a fearless pro-life leader—doing great things, and inspiring others to do great things—in God’s holy name and at His command.

Please listen and be inspired!

A San Antonio councilwoman is thanking Planned Parenthood for “seeing where the need was” and responding in what she says is the state’s “fastest growing district.” Planned Parenthood of South Texas has opened a $2 million, 3,000-square-foot facility at 235 Richland Hills Drive. The abortion giant projects that it will see 4,000 customers “of all genders” there annually.

Also in the plans is a community education center onsite where Planned Parenthood will be teaching children its sex-positive sexual pleasure curriculum, the core of which is pushing its birth control and promoting abortion in every way it can. This is how Planned Parenthood will be helping the people of the West Side with their “needs.”

Hispanics make up the great majority of the population in the impoverished neighborhoods of the West Side, where increasing drug addiction, violent crime, and theft are an ever-present reality.

Hopefully the residents will show Planned Parenthood out the door. The West Side of San Antonio is rich in its Catholic, Hispanic heritage, and the good people who live there deserve real help with community development, elimination of crime, and genuine healthcare. Planned Parenthood’s increased presence in their neighborhoods will only spell more trouble for them.

Christ is Risen, and you, O death, are annihilated!
Christ is Risen, and the evil ones are cast down!
Christ is Risen, and the angels rejoice!
Christ is Risen, and life is liberated!
Christ is Risen, and the tomb is emptied of its dead; for Christ having risen from the dead, is become the first-fruits of those who have fallen asleep.

To Him be Glory and Power forever and ever. Amen!

St. John Chrysostom, Easter Homily (d. 407 AD)

We hold firm to Christ’s victory over death as we go forward together with each of our supporters and associates to defeat Planned Parenthood’s evil plans. You have our undying gratitude for your ongoing support of our work, as we reach out and renew our determination day by day to STOP Planned Parenthood!