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WSR: 2022-11-09

  • Live Abortion Broadcast Is Political Exploitation of Women and Babies That Will Generate More Wealth for PP and Its Cohorts
  • Planned Parenthood Claims ‘Sacred Space’ Inside Its House of Horrors Where It Brutally Kills Up to 35 Little Babies Per Day
  • Fighting the Good Fight after 40 Days for Life. Here Is a Checklist for You. 

By Rita Diller

Recently, National Public Radio gave anyone who would listen a chaotic audio tour through hell, airing an 11-minute segment of pieces of interviews from an abortion facility interspersed with commentary and brief audio clips of a surgical abortion that was recorded live. 

The report was like a list of excerpts from Planned Parenthood’s talking points to defend abortion—coaxed out of the mouths of weeping women, some facing daunting crises. 

The reviews of the abortion center in Sterling Heights, Michigan, where the abortion was perpetrated, show that this is a place where Planned Parenthood refers women for abortions up to 24 weeks instead of helping them find the real help that they need to carry their babies to term and to thrive. 

Women who accessed the abortion center website as late as November 8 were greeted with a political message to vote for Proposal 3 to “restore Roe in Michigan” using false claims as scare tactics saying, “If we fail, Michigan may become like many other states where abortion is illegal, banning treatment for miscarriage management, ectopic pregnancies, IUDs, morning after pill, contraception, and even forcing doctors to delay lifesaving treatment.” The banner also contained a QR code to register to vote.

The NPR audio was presented against the backdrop of the midterm election, specifically in Michigan where abortion was on the ballot as Planned Parenthood and its allies attempted to codify the right to the grisly killing of the preborn in the state constitution. (Reports as of Wednesday morning show Proposal 3 passed.)

Tugging at heartstrings, the NPR report features several interview clips, including one with a woman who says she is in an abusive situation and has not been able to get help and one with a woman who is fine but does not want more children. This is followed by audio clips of an abortion being committed at this facility. 

When the abortion vacuum machine is quieted, the woman who was moaning and weeping begins profusely thanking the staff and saying she hopes she didn’t do too badly. She is told she did great, she is okay, and she should never again tell herself what she can’t do—a reference to her prior comment that she could not continue to breathe through the pain. 

The recording and airing of the taking of her child’s life for political and monetary gain on behalf of the abortion industry is bizarre and unconscionable. Help is available for women in crisis. Women who are intentionally led to distrust faith-based help centers that offer real help at no cost are thrown into the money-grabbing hands of Planned Parenthood and its cohorts in the abortion industry. After women pay hundreds of dollars, their children are dead and they are sent out the door, often alone and without help, into the same set of crises and abuse they were experiencing before, but now with the agonizing and lingering mental and physical scars of abortion heaped on top of their problems. 

Abortion always involves the grisly taking of an innocent, defenseless, precious, and unrepeatable life. Killing one’s child never solves problems; it only multiplies them. Direct, intentional abortion is always morally illicit and an unspeakable crime against humanity. Not helping women access the assistance they need and then falsely affirming after the abortion that “all is okay,” they are “okay,” they “did great,” and it was the “best and the moral choice” for them is unbelievably evil and cruel. We can do so much better. It’s time to stop the exploitation. And it is time to stop proposing and supporting legislation that endorses abortion at any age and under any circumstances. 

As St. John Paul said in 1987:

Every human person—no matter how vulnerable or helpless, no matter how young or how old, no matter how healthy, handicapped or sick, no matter how useful or productive for society—is a being of inestimable worth created in the image and likeness of God. This is the dignity of America, the reason she exists, the condition of her survival—yes, the ultimate test of her greatness: to respect every human person, especially the weakest and most defenseless ones, those as yet unborn. 

I’m writing on Election Day 2022—a day when Planned Parenthood hopes to reap the reward of the $50 million dollars it has thrown toward tipping the outcome of state elections in favor of politicians who will pull out all the stops to force unfettered abortion in targeted states.

CNN began the day by releasing a very long political propaganda piece that describes the chaos and despair that reigns at an Arizona Planned Parenthood in the days following the turning back of Roe v. Wade and the pain felt by employees at their loss of Roe’s protection. 

It speaks of the despair of exhausted abortion workers whose lives are falling apart because their routine abortion “work” has been interrupted. It speaks of a worker who “cleanses” herself to get the “heavy energy” off of her after a day of work at Planned Parenthood. It speaks of a hand-holding abortion doula who says she answers the phone at all times of night and day to help abortion patients, like the terrified woman who was panicking at 9 pm because her abortion pills fell into the toilet. According to the employee, “She was freaking out on the phone. If I hadn’t answered the phone, then I mean, I don’t know what she would have done.”

And in an unfathomable twist of verbal gymnastics, it speaks of “sacred space” within the walls of the killing center where colors are pastel and bright yellow, and women can talk to one another before and after their foray with the cold, rigid abortion instruments that destroy their children and disrupt what was meant to be sacred space for them to grow and prepare for birth. Because, to quote the PP registered nurse, the PP killing center is not a sad place but “simply a place where people receive healthcare.”

Newsflash to the nurses who know better: Abortion is not healthcare. Planned Parenthood is a horrifyingly sad and evil place, and no amount of verbal gymnastics or pagan “cleansing” will remove the evil that clings to one who makes a living killing little babies. The blood of Christ will, however, drive away the demons in their feeding frenzy and will rescue those who labor in Satan’s camp. 

Planned Parenthood has constructed a multi-billion-dollar business and quasi-religion on the blood of innocent children. Clearly, we are fighting against the demonic realm that thrives off the blood of the innocent. You can see and feel the demonic feeding frenzy but also the love of our great God who knows every battle we face and who reigns so far above the evil ones. The victory is ours, in His perfect timing. 

We must cling to His holy mother and the sacraments through these days as we plead that the blood of Christ, freely given for our salvation, cover our lost world. Mary will lead us to the victory over the culture of death and exploitation of women and children that is running at fever pitch. 

Victory rallies and closing vigils are taking place in many cities across the world as this season of 40 Days for Life draws to a close. Kudos to all who have sacrificed so much to stand in solidarity with the babies and moms outside the horrific portals of death and despair. 

Planned Parenthood is off-balance right now, to say the least, after so much prayer presence during 40 Days for Life and the turning back of Roe v. Wade. Today, however, it is emboldened once again by gains made in state elections that will enshrine and protect abortion in state law and by the election of pro-abortion political leaders. We must maintain our peaceful, prayerful presence outside all Planned Parenthood facilities. 

Does our presence there save lives? You bet it does. Anyone who has spent much time outside a Planned Parenthood facility in prayer has experienced moms, dads, couples, or grandparents stopping by to show off a baby, toddler, twins, or a school-aged child who is alive today because of the prayer presence outside of Planned Parenthood. Many are saved that we will never know about in this lifetime. Our prayerful presence outside Planned Parenthood never goes unrewarded.

The more often we can be there, the better. But even once a week can make a world of difference. In the Texas Panhandle, where Planned Parenthood shut down all of its facilities within 11 years after our prayerful presence began, we often prayed only once a week at the various facilities. 

Here are some other ways to make a huge difference:

  1. Pray. Pray outside PP fundraisers, sex indoctrination classes, and other community events as well. Wherever Planned Parenthood is, there we should be also, with prayers, images of Our Lady, signs, Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus in regalia, men’s and women’s church-based clubs, nuns, priests, and bishops along with pastors and people of many faith walks, when possible. Planned Parenthood needs community support to survive, and that withers when people know the truth about the abortion giant. It flourishes when we disappear.
  2. Show up at unexpected times at their facilities to pray. A local leader of PP informed me that we should not be there on a particular day because we did not normally come at that time. She spent a good deal of time in the parking lot trying to convince me to leave and to pin a nefarious motive on me for being there. I assured her we were there to pray for her as always and for an end to abortion. She was clearly angry, off-balance, and very uncomfortable that there was unexpected prayer going on.
  3. Go visit with PP event sponsors and those who are winning Planned Parenthood awards. Take them damning information about Planned Parenthood from its own websites and news articles. Many people are uninformed or unaware of what Planned Parenthood is doing throughout the world and more specifically in their own town. Many businesses will withdraw sponsorship or turn down awards when confronted with the irrefutable truth. 
  4. PP works with organizations like MHMR and Boys and Girls Clubs to give sex presentations to the most vulnerable young people. If you see someone you know taking their children into one of these events, it’s a good opportunity to educate the parent and other community members about PP’s reprehensible and dangerous sexual pleasure curriculum.
  5. Visit with PP’s landlords and express your concerns. They probably belong to some of the same community organizations you do. 
  6. Form a group of concerned parents and monitor your local school district for Planned Parenthood’s involvement. When you find they are there, take action to expose them. The curriculum is often well guarded but also can be available for purchase from the publisher. Once that is in your hands, the truth is yours to spread.

We are all called to be prayer warriors and truth spreaders. If you are not already onboard with Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through ALL’s Marian Surge, join our 10,000-member strong and growing prayer campaign today! Visit the Marian Blue Wave website for more information. 

The picture below shows 40 Days for Life volunteers praying at Planned Parenthood in Upland, California, with a beautiful image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the preborn and of the Americas.