ALL Joins in Call for National Boycott of Girl Scout Cookies

Study Used by Pro-Abortion Organizations Flawed and Without Merit

A recent study released by TxPEP and published in the New England Journal of Medicine is flawed and without merit. Proponents of abortion and contraception trumpet the “results” while ignoring studies own claims of inaccuracy.

Abortion Groups Response to ZIKA Health Crisis Unconcionable

American Life League vice president Jim Sedlak refutes claims that abortion provides a solution to the current health crisis brought about by the Zika virus outbreak in South and Central America.

American Life League Statement on Zika Virus Remedy

American Life League president Judie Brown has issued a statement regarding the declaration of a global emergency by the World Health Organization following a confirmed outbreak of infection by the Zika virus in Central and South American countries and numerous calls by pro abortion organizations advocating for abortion as a means to resolve the emergency.

American Life League Statement on Indictment of Daleiden & Merritt

American Life League president Judie Brown has issued a statement regarding the grand jury indictment of two Center for Medical Progress employees following an investigation of Houston’s Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.

Advocates for Life Undeterred by Failure

Stakes are high for vulnerable due to pending implementation of new law.

Culture of Life Studies Program Authors To Appear on EWTN

American Life League Culture of Life Studies Program authors, Laura and Mary Kizior will appear live on 1/4/2016 at 2pm eastern on the “At Home with Jim and Joy” program, produced by the EWTN global Catholic television network, to share about the innovative Cultural of Life Studies Program, published by American Life League. The live program offers viewers the opportunity to call in and ask questions of the creators, discovering new and unique ways to build the culture of life at home, in the classroom and beyond.