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Good guys wear white hats

More than twenty years ago we flew to Rome for a meeting, and a very tall man accompanied us — my husband, our three young children and me — to the Pope’s Sunday Mass.

Courage in Oregon

“There is a point at which passive ‘tolerance’ allows misleading teachings to be spread and propagated, thus confusing or even misleading the faithful about the truths of the Church…There is a very strong word, which still exists in our Church, which most of us are too ‘gentle’ to use. The word is ‘heresy.’”

When it’s not about you!

Women are told that reproductive health services are designed to better their lives. They are also told that anti-abortion zealots are infringing upon these services.

Best-kept secrets

I’ve had a number of folks comment on my appearance on Alan Colmes’ radio show this past Friday evening. It was a great experience

Jaded jewelry

When I read the latest from a Planned Parenthood afficianado, it nearly made me … well, I had just eaten. At any rate, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined a man making jewelry out of old, expired birth control pills!

How pro-life is new House leader?

Boehner, a Roman Catholic and graduate of Xavier University in Cincinnati, declared his intention to continue to fight for the rights of the unborn. He addressed a House Values Action Team by letter Tuesday

Senatorial semantics

This past weekend I listened to a pro-life Republican Catholic senator explain why it was acceptable for him, from a political perspective, to support the re-election campaign of a totally pro-abortion fellow Republican.

Legitimizing murder … again

The U.S. Supreme Court, in Gonzales v Oregon, is continuing its pattern of ruling against traditional morality. Once again the dignity of the human person and his innate identity as a member of the human race was subjugated to the false argument of “choice” divorced from right reason.

Missing the target

When I read the latest news about pharmacist Heather Williams, who was fired by Target because she refused to fill prescriptions for abortive drugs like the morning-after pill, I was reminded of a simple, but oft overlooked fact: