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Paying for murder? Or outlawing murder?

While some Florida pro-lifers are interested in passing a state constitutional amendment that would curtail state funding of research on human embryos, research that requires killing these little persons, something more fundamnetal is needed.

Cocktail madness

Canadian abortionist Ellen Wiebe is revelling in her personal recommendation that the way to solve the problem of “unwanted” babies in her native Canada is to provide a “cocktail” containing methotrexate plus misoprostol.

Human beings rescued

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina we learned of a rescue effort that resulted in the protection of 1,200 human embryos, previously residing in canisters in a fertility clinic, had to be moved to a hospital prior to the hurricane.

Pharmacist pawns

What happens when a pharmacist cannot in good conscience fill a prescription for the birth control pill because he knows the pill aborts?

Inmate gets okay to kill

It seems a federal judge agreed that a female prison inmate could have a little furlough. You see she is with child, which actually means she’s a mom, but she doesn’t want her baby and asked for permission to have her baby aborted.

Irksome ideologues?

Bill Wilson of Family News in Focus reports that the pro-death leadership, including the Nnational Family Planning and Reproductive Health Assoication

Judge Roberts and right reason

American Life League president Judie Brown issued the following statement regarding the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on John Roberts’ nomination as Chief Justice of the United States.