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Killing a People

By Dr. Levon R. Yuille
As I reflect upon the journey of black Americans, it is obvious that we as a people have a history that is filled with many trials, tribulations, and defeats.

Obama Swearing in on MLK Bible Ironic

By Dr. Alveda King
When President Barack Obama was inaugurated on January 21—Martin Luther King, Jr. Day—he placed his hand on Bibles once owned by my uncle, Reverend King, and by President Abraham Lincoln, the great emancipator.

My Cup Is Half Full

By Mark Pickup
The theme for Mass [last] Nov. 25, the feast of Christ the King, may seem more suited to the weeks leading to Easter than the weeks leading to Christmas.

The Down Syndrome Community’s Abortion Rift

By Matthew Hennessey
It all comes down to abortion. That’s what my late father-in-law always said. No philosophical disagreement, no policy debate, no theological quibble rivals our fundamental and unbridgeable divide on the question of abortion.