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Hey, Seniors, Get a Room . . . at Aegis Living

By Camille Giglio
The Father’s Day edition of the Contra Costa Times, a division of the Bay Area News Group, carried this ad (pictured) presumably paid for by Aegis Living, for a senior living facility in my local area of California.

Recreational Contraception

By Michael Hichborn
The recent Supreme Court Ruling on the Hobby Lobby case presents a unique look at what the hard left is attempting to force employers to pay for. Many of the talking points claim that, by siding with Hobby Lobby, the Supreme Court has “taken away” women’s access to “essential health care.

It’s Time for a Third Emancipation Proclamation

By Walter Hoye II
SURELY not the least interesting of the varied war pictures which we present to our readers this week will be two sketches on page 428-one, the picture of a Negro slave, who fled from Montgomery, Alabama, to Chattanooga, for the express purpose of enlisting in the army of the Union

Five Things You Should Know about Palliative Care

By Ione Whitlock
On Saturday, May 17, 2014, I had the pleasure of speaking at a conference in Wooster, Ohio. The conference, titled “The Healthcare Trojan Horse,” was sponsored by the Pro-life Healthcare Alliance and Wayne/Homes Right to Life. Following is the presentation as it was written; the actual talk was abbreviated due to time constraints. —Ione Whitlock

The Most Endangered Species in England

By Kurt Kondrich
According to sources in Great Britain, the Turtle Dove has seen a [more than] 90 percent decrease in numbers since 1970, and this legendary creature seen as the symbol of true love and featured in one of our best-known Christmas carols is declining so rapidly that it may be gone from Britain by the next decade.

‘It’s about the Babies, Stupid’

By Michael Hichborn
I have a CD of over 200 talks given by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. I think I have listened to the CD at least twice in its entirety, and perhaps even three times.

Expendable Mothers

By Melinda Tankard Reist
Adelaide couple Mark and Matt, both 29, have acquired Thai-designed newborns Tate and Estelle through commercialised surrogacy overseas.