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Until Death Do Us Part

By Audrey D. Cole
When Stephen Fletcher tabled his Private Member’s Bills in the Canadian House of Representatives, I started to think about how people die and how utterly important it had been for me to be with my late husband Fred in that process.

American Life League in Rome

By Michael Hichborn
During the first weekend of May, American Life League’s director of Defend the Faith, Michael Hichborn, participated in Italy’s March for Life and the Pro-Life Leader’s Conference.

A Tale of Two Abortions

By Paul E. Rondeau
When Emily Letts got pregnant, she immediately knew she would get an abortion. She decided to film her abortion and entered Emilys Abortion Video in Abortion Care Networks Stigma Busting competition and won.

Are You Suffering? Trust God

By Mark Davis Pickup
This past weekend I met four other people with multiple sclerosis. It was not by design. I met them at events that had nothing to do with MS or disability.

Planned Parenthood’s Big Lie: Protecting Women’s Health

By Joanne Moudy
As quickly as states like Texas, Arizona, and Kansas pass new definitive laws designed to protect women and children against subpar health standards in abortion clinics, pro-abortionists challenge those laws in court, purportedly on the grounds that said laws will restrict access to care and thus limit a woman’s right to affordable healthcare. But reality says that isn’t so.

A Response to Catholic Relief Services Regarding the World Social Forum

By Rob Gasper
On April 28, Catholic Relief Services launched a preemptive public response to American Life League’s concerns regarding findings that had, up to this point, remained unpublished. ALL had not yet published this research with the hope that private discussions could reach a satisfactory resolution and scandal could be avoided amongst the faithful.

The Tree of Life

By Michael Hichborn
In the Garden of Eden, as all Christians know, Adam and Eve brought the curse of death upon all mankind by eating the fruit from the tree forbidden by God—the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The tree was in the center of the garden, was beautiful to look at, and produced fruit that appeared desirable.

Christians in a Darkening Age Such as This

By Mark Davis Pickup
If you go to [this site], you will find a story entitled “Sing a little louder”—an account of German Christian detachment from the Jewish holocaust in the second World War.

What Is a Suffering Man Worth?

By Arland K. Nichols
How much is man worth? So asked Pope Francis in a recent letter to the Pontifical Academy for Life on the occasion of the estimable academy’s annual meeting and celebration of its 20th anniversary.