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After 35 Years, IVF Still a Vast Experiment

By Chelsea Zimmerman
After the death of Robert Edwards, one of the British doctors who perfected in vitro fertilization (IVF), earlier this year, Miriam Zoll took a look at the legacy of third party reproduction, specifically the often overlooked numbers of failed treatments associated with these invasive technologies.

Latinos: In the Crosshairs of Planned Parenthood

By Rey Flores
As the overall battle for life is intensifying in our country, especially in the states of New York, Texas, and Wisconsin, now is the time to strategically organize ourselves as pro-lifers in a truly cohesive manner.

Overcoming suffering with Love

By Steve Pokorny
Recently, a friend told me that he was studying the life of Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa. Blessed Alexandrina was chosen by God to be a “victim soul”—one who offers up her suffering for the sake of others in union with the cross of Christ.

A Glimpse of Eden

By Kurt Kondrich
Genesis 3:22-23 [says]: “And the Lord God said, ‘The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil.

The ‘Why’ of Suffering

By Mark Pickup
Pope John Paul II once said that the answer to the “why” of suffering depends on the ability to comprehend the sublimity of divine love. Unfortunately for most of us, it is beyond our ability to comprehend the wonder and perfection of God’s love.