When Technical Progress Becomes a Threat

By Chelsea Zimmerman
I have been reading Pope Benedict’s latest encyclical, Spe Salvi, which I am surprisingly enjoying (I wasn’t sure if it would be too philosophical and intellectual for me—I have never read anything of his before). It is actually very reader friendly and insightful.

The Silent Repeat of Eugenic History

By Kurt Kondrich
[Recently] I read a very disturbing article titled “New Prenatal Test Is Bringing Eugenics Back to Germany,” and I could not help but think of the famous quote from American philosopher George Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

The Trouble with Transhumanism

By Wesley J. Smith
Sometimes an article cuts through the fog of public debate and discourse to capture the true essence of a movement or belief system.

Targeting the Black Community

By Stephen E. Broden
Eugenics is alive and well and, in more cases than not, blacks are their targets. In 2005, Life Issues Institute completed a study that concluded there is a strategic intent behind Planned Parenthood’s placement of its abortion facilities.

The Case Against Pro-Life Physicians: Bias Begins at Med School Interview

Imagine yourself, a senior in college, sitting in the middle of your dream medical-school interview. Because you have done your homework, the interview is going exceedingly well. You seem to have established a rapport with the interviewer, and your answers are crisp, clear, and intelligent. It’s going so well that you are starting to feel confident regarding your chances of gaining admission.

Better Off Dead?

In opposition is broadcaster and columnist Michael Coren and in support is Dr. Gifford-Jones. The main focus of “Do They Deserve to be Born?” is on a set of twins, now six months old, conjoined at the head.


Semantics (from Greek sêmantiká, neuter plural of sêmantikós) is the study of the meaning of a word, phrase, sentence, or text.