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Straightening Our Crooked Road

As we enter into Holy Week, we are constantly reminded of God’s never-ending love for us of the torment Christ went through so that we may spend eternity with Him. But we must make that choice. We can choose to follow Him or we can choose to follow worldly things. There is no better time than Holy Week to examine our actions, to make changes, and to set ourselves straight. We must never forget the purpose of life to someday look Christ in the eye and be invited into His arms.

The Persecution of Sister Jane Dominic Laurel

Teaching the truths about homosexuality, chastity, adultery, and how God wants us to live our lives is not always an easy thing to do. Nor is living that life. But God asks that we do our best nevertheless, for our ultimate goal is eternity with Him. We cannot plead ignorance. We cannot justify that we chose otherwise. God’s word is the truth, and though some may try to silence those who tell the truth, it doesn’t change the facts.

Baby Pandas, Human Babies, and the Press

A sweet newborn baby being loved and doted upon, every movement and sound watched and carefully noted. Sounds like a typical newborn human baby, but in this case, we are talking about a baby animal. Recently we were given a sad example of just how much more our society values animals than preborn babies. This discrepancy should sicken your stomach, should make you think, and should lead you to action.

Doctor Executioners

If we could count the ways that physicians have become the politicians of their chosen profession, perhaps we would better understand why human lives are like poker chips, popular votes or, even worse, trash.