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Abby Johnson’s Words Inspire

As Thanksgiving is upon us, we look back at the blessings of the past year and understand that we should be thankful for the hard work of pro-life activists.

Abortion in Overdrive

Over the past few weeks it has become abundantly clear that the tipping point for the radical abortion machine is upon us—and it’s a frightening image.

Sorry, Baby, You Don’t Exist!

Spilled coffee, ice having to be scraped off of a windshield, and a fender bender on the way to work all are scenarios that cause inconvenience or that we wish hadn’t happened. But, just because we didn’t intend for them to happen, does that mean they don’t exist? Of course not. So why, when a baby is created intentionally or unintentionally people think of him as nothing more than an inconvenience? How can a baby’s life be likened to something like one of the scenarios above? And how can people have the audacity to think that no life exists when one clearly does?

Salivating at the Gates of Hell

Each day we have a choice. Follow where society seems to be leading away from morality and the laws of God or follow God. Yet we cannot simply be followers. We must also lead. We must lead our children, our grandchildren, our neighbors, our friends, and even people we don’t even know. Our society wants us to turn our backs on morality and live in the moment. But we know that we must live for eternity.

IVF’s Tarnished Halo

By Michael Cook
After five million children, IVF is no longer controversial. Creating children in a Petri dish for infertile couples is regarded as so splendid a good deed that the scientist who created the technique, Robert Edwards, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2010.

Mother Mary: Planned Parenthood’s Nemesis

Just as an earthly mother takes care of her children, so does our Blessed Mother. She is there for us in times of sadness, in times of despair, and in times of happiness as well. Her love is unceasing. This is why ALL has asked for her help in saving innocent preborn babies. Peacefully and prayerfully protesting, while asking for the intercession of our Blessed Mother, has borne fruits we never could have imagined.

Planned Parenthood’s Big Lie: Protecting Women’s Health

By Joanne Moudy
As quickly as states like Texas, Arizona, and Kansas pass new definitive laws designed to protect women and children against subpar health standards in abortion clinics, pro-abortionists challenge those laws in court, purportedly on the grounds that said laws will restrict access to care and thus limit a woman’s right to affordable healthcare. But reality says that isn’t so.