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culture of death

Parents the Primary Educators of Their Children

By Dr. Thomas Ward
It is a challenge to our families to replace today’s dominant culture of death with all its attacks on human normality: on life, love, sexuality, marriage, family, and indeed Christianity itself.

Satan’s Party

By Jim Sedlak
You may have missed it. Tuesday, March 10, 2015, was a day of celebration among certain segments of the American population.

Hating Speech that Stops the Hating

By Kurt Kondrich
There seems to be an endless supply of stories in the news today about efforts across our nation to remove the Ten Commandments from public places.

The Pill and the Big Chill

Touted as liberation. Touted as a way for women to take control. The pill has long been described as something positive women should do for themselves. But how often do we hear about its negative consequences and deadly effects? Not often enough. Now is the time for the truth.

‘Volunteering’ to Die

The life of a human being is something that should be treasured, valued, and respected. Yet we don’t see that in today’s society when it comes to a tiny preborn baby, a terminally sick individual, an elderly person, or anyone deemed unworthy or unwanted. More often than not, these people are seen as expendable or better off dead. We must change this twisted mindset.

Did Adam and Eve Have Down Syndrome?

By Kurt Kondrich
During the month of October we celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and since the birth of my beautiful daughter Chloe in 2003 I have become very aware of characteristics and behaviors these amazing individuals with an extra chromosome possess.

The Not-So-Great British Influence

The lack of respect for life exists not only in America, but in other countries as well. We see this in a recent assisted suicide proposal and in the widespread support for it in England. It seems the culture of death epidemic knows no boundaries.

A Deep Sadness Amidst Unthinkable Crimes

When tragedy occurs, the tendency of most people is to ask, “Why?” We want to know why it happened and how it can be prevented in the future. These are certainly laudable goals. But maybe some reflection is needed as well reflection upon the values and morals in society and the changes that have taken place over the last several decades. Reflection upon the family, upon how we are raising our children, about the influences and the bombardment of immorality. If we are to effect change, we must first look here.

It’s Judgmental, Hateful, and Intolerant!

It seems that, lately, those who agree that abortion is a woman’s choice are the only ones who are allowed to speak out. If you are pro-life and state this, or hold a sign to make others aware, then you are labeled intolerant, hateful, or hurtful. But we cannot stop using our voices, for the people we speak for do not have voices yet. They are the ones being slaughtered. And we are the ones who must protect them.

Forty-One Years Later the Cruelty Rages

Forty-one years have passed since the Supreme Court took away the rights of an innocent class of people and allowed them to be killed at will. Forty-one years of suffering have ensued. In addition to the millions of babies murdered, countless families ;mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, and other family members must live daily with the tragic loss of a child killed before he was born. But it is not too late to change minds and hearts to open them to a love for each and every human being. It is never too late to teach human beings how to love one another.