Statement on the Beatification of Pope John Paul II

Affordable Care Act a ‘Usurpation of Power’

oday, the Department of Health and Human Services will close the period for commenting on the contraceptive mandate now included in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

American Life League Appalled by Judicial Activism

Reacting to the decision by federal judge Edward Korman to order the federal government to immediately make the abortifacient morning-after-pill available to minors without a prescription

Bishop Rebukes ‘Catholic’ Insurance Provider for Complying with Obamacare

The Catholic bishop of Sioux Falls, South Dakota has taken action against Catholic insurance agency Avera Health Plans because the company chose to cover contraception so that it would be in compliance with Obamacare.

ALL Statement on Pope Francis

Judie Brown, president of American Life League and three-time appointee to the Pontifical Academy for Life

Colorado Bishops Take Catholic Hospital to Task

A Catholic hospital in Colorado flip-flopped for life after arguing in court

New HHS Rules Fail to Recognize Constitutional Protection of All Americans: ALL

Today, the US Department of Health and Human Services issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding Obamacare, formally known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.