Wisconsin Catholic Bishops Challenge Doctors on Sacredness of Life

Wisconsin Catholic Conference of Bishops Upholds the Sacredness of Each Human Being’s Life by Condemning the Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST)

Please Catholic Bishops: Oppose Obama Mandate by Defending Catholic Teaching

Recent revelations about the activities of Catholic Relief Services once again give us pause to wonder.

American Life League to Planned Parenthood: ‘Close Your Doors Forever!’

Chicago Sun Times reports the death of another young woman at a Planned Parenthood facility. American Life League demands that Planned Parenthood end its culture of death

London Scheme to Destroy Preborn Babies

Gates Foundation, UK Government, and its Partners Celebrate World Population Day by Strategizing on How to Eliminate More Defenseless and Innocent Pre-born Babies

Terrorist Attack on Family Fighting for Human Dignity

American Life League is condemning the ongoing terrorist attacks on American families fighting to save lives.

American Life League Mourns with the Nation

American Life League Declares a Sad Day in the History of Our Nation as the Supreme Court Brings to Naught Our Hopes of Freedom