Is It ‘Unfair’ to Children for Parents to Involve Them in the Pro-Life Cause?

Campaign to Declare Planned Parenthood Enemy of Catholic Church Gains Support

American Life League, the nation’s largest Catholic pro-life grassroots organization, says that four other pro-life organizations are participating in the Defend the Family campaign.

American Life League Calls for Further Action against PBS

Buoyed by its partial success in getting After Tiller off the air in some PBS markets and rescheduled to later times in others, American Life League is calling for continued pressure on PBS.

American Life League Asks Pope Francis to Declare Planned Parenthood an Enemy of the Church

In anticipation of the Vatican’s October 2014 Synod on the Family, American Life League is launching a new campaign called Defend the Family.

‘You May Wake Up with Your Baby Removed, but Your Motherhood Cannot Be Removed.’

Granddaughters of Pro-Life Leader, Judie Brown, write open letter response to Jenny Kutner, Salon author of “I’m Having an Abortion this Weekend.