American Life League Blasts Catholic Agencies for Ignoring Popes

Following on Pope Francis’ recent statements regarding charitable work in the Catholic Church, American Life League renews its call for Catholic poverty-fighting groups to end ties with pro-abortion organizations.

PPFA Shrinking in Size, Service Area, and Health Services Delivered

A new meta-study released this week by American Life League concludes that “Planned Parenthood grows increasingly dependent upon government funding for survival.

Major Study Concludes Planned Parenthood “Services” Do Not Reduce Teen Pregnancy

Contrary to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America public relations and lobbying message, there is no correlation with PPFA community presence and reduced teen pregnancy.

New Study: Planned Parenthood Healthcare Delivery Hits 6-Year-Low as Tax Subsidies Soar

For years, conservatives and pro-life groups have fought public tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood.