Baby! Communicate or Die!

Modeling True Fatherhood

By Susan Ciancio Recently, Republican congressman Sean Duffy from Wisconsin announced that he will resign from Congress to spend more time with his growing family. He told constituents and the press that his preborn baby, who is due in October, has a serious heart problem.   This baby will soon join Duffy’s eight other children […]


An Open Letter to Anonymous

By Judie Brown This article by “anonymous,” who has had two abortions and claims to be Catholic, demands a response. The author of this article gives her reasons for both abortions, seemingly attempting to justify them, even though she knows—and says—they were wrong. In essence, the author is attempting to tell Jesus Christ and His […]


Jesus Christ Assured Us His Presence Is Real

By Judie Brown Swimming upstream in the gunk of our age, we understand that it is, at times, challenging to focus on the one gift that exceeds every other: the Holy Eucharist. As a Catholic, I find this sacrament to be a lifeline that protects from the evil of the day. Christ Himself assured us […]

BREAKING: Cardinal Pell Will Appeal to Australian High Court

Ed Condon over at the Catholic News Agency has word that Cardinal George Pell will appeal his conviction by a lower court on charges of sexual abuse. According to CNA: Sources close to the cardinal told CNA Aug. 26 that Pell would be exercising his final appeal and that, while the majority of “special leave […]

Abortion Is NOT Healthcare

California congresswoman Barbara Lee writes in TIME that “abortion is healthcare.” She says that all women should have “health insurance that covers reproductive healthcare, including abortion.” Abortion is not healthcare. Abortion is an act of killing, and nobody in this nation should have the right to kill an innocent human being and call it “healthcare.” […]


Where Is the Indignation?

By Susan Ciancio I read a story this weekend about a Florida woman who drove to an animal shelter and attempted to get its staff to euthanize her dog. When the facility refused, she shoved the dog into the trunk of her car and left. Fortunately for the dog, an eyewitness saw her actions and […]