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Three Tips for Safeguarding Your Loved One in a Nursing Home

By Nancy Valko, RN, ALNC I have had many relatives and friends who lived in nursing homes, and, especially as a nurse, I am always saddened by how few of the other residents had any visitors, even family members. I have even heard relatives say they would just prefer to remember their relative “the way […]

Pro-Life This Week – July 27, 2018

Week in Review – South Carolina victory, California shenanigans, and a Pro-Life Hero During this year’s primary campaign in South Carolina, Governor Henry McMaster pledged that, if reelected, he would end all funding to Planned Parenthood in the state. After he won the primary, the SC House removed Planned Parenthood funding from the budget. Unfortunately, the […]

Sham Christians

Sham Christians Support Abortion

By Judie Brown When I first heard about the Wild Goose Festival, I thought I heard “Wild Turkey Festival” and that everyone in attendance would be celebrating bourbon by drinking too much. But then I realized I erred. According to its website, the Wild Goose Festival is defined as “a place where all are welcome. […]

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Planned Parenthood Comprehensive Sexuality Education, AKA Customer Funnel

By Jim Sedlak Whenever Planned Parenthood suffers a loss of customers—as it has in the last decade—it employs one solution. That solution is to push what it calls comprehensive sexuality education programs in school districts across the nation. The primary reason for this is that these CSE programs are designed to get teens involved in […]

Thomas Quasthoff

Beauty Comes from Within: What One Exceptional Musician Teaches Us about God’s Gift of Life

By Mary Kizior Opera fans and music lovers alike can appreciate the honey tones and moving dynamics of this German baritone’s voice as he sings “Song to the Evening Star” from Wagner’s Tannhauser. Those who commented on this YouTube video used words like “sublime,” “magnificent,” and “flawless” to describe his rendition of this aria. Some of […]

The Individual Faces That Society Denies

By Judie Brown Recent reports have underscored the reality of people’s beliefs regarding abortion in today’s society. We are confronting a moral crisis that Father Thomas Weinandy defined perfectly when he said that abortion is evil and always will be evil because it is “contrary to what it means to be truly human”! Think about […]