Pro-Life Activism from Creation to Death

Podcast: Pro-Life Activism from Creation to Death

Jim Sedlak is the executive director of American Life League and author of Parent Power!! – How Parents Can Gain Control of the School Systems that Educate Their Children.Jim gives updates on what is happening at American Life League and in the pro-life world. He also addresses current attacks by the culture of death on our young people, and through guest interviews and practical experience, lets Radio Maria listeners know how they can take prayerful, peaceful, and effective action.

DISCLAIMER: The views, beliefs, and opinions expressed by Jim’s guests are those of his guests and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of American Life League.

NEW! Show 182: 104 Years Since the Miracle of the Sun

This week marks 104 years since the miracle of the sun at Fatima. Several messages came out of Fatima that are important to us today. Large populations of younger people don’t believe Hell exists, but our Lady showed a vision of hell to the three children at Fatima. Our Lady also explained that more souls go to hell because of sins of the flesh. 

October 19 is the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity. 

Show 181: Planned Parenthood Loves Taxpayer Money

Jim provides an October update on what Planned Parenthood is doing nationally and locally.

President Joe Biden reverses the rule banning any health provider who offers or refers abortion violence to patients from receiving Title X federal funding.

The Yurok Tribe announced that Planned Parenthood Northern California was going to be remotely teaching their children a sex program.

Show 180: 31 Ways to Celebrate Life This October

October is Respect Life Month. To help families build a culture of life this October, Susan Cianco from the Culture of Life Studies Program created a list of special activities and lessons we can do every day of the month.


Show 179: D.C.’s House of Pain

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the ‘Women’s Health Protection Act’. The USCCB calls it the most radical abortion bill in history permitting mothers to kill their preborn children from creation to birth for any reason. This bill strikes down all abortion violence regulations passed by individual states. So what happens next? Jim discusses the possibilities of the Senate passing the bill. The Supreme Court is considering the Mississippi abortion law that restricts killing preborn children to the first 15 weeks. Oral arguments will be heard December 1st.

Show 178: Uncovering Planned Parenthood’s Secret Location

Pro-life advocates in Arkansas uncovered Planned Parenthood’s discreet plan to open a new facility in the city of Rogers.

Jim’s guests are Sheila Pursell, Director of Northwest Arkansas Respect Life Council and David Cox, Assistant Director of the Family Council. Sheila and David explain how they discovered the one thing that Planned Parenthood tries to keep secret—the real estate purchase of a future abortion store.

Show 177: Truth and Consequences About the Texas Heartbeat Law

The Supreme Court has held in place a Texas law that prohibits most abortions after the 6th week of pregnancy.  This has resulted in abortion facilities putting a suspension on their killing.  Jim discusses the law, the misconceptions, and the pieces written in the law that few people are talking about. 

Show 176: Former Planned Parenthood President Describes Abortion Quotas in New Book

Congress is set to put the U.S. further into debt with a multi-trillion dollar budget bill . Most troubling is the failure of the bill to prohibit funds from going to abortion violence providers. 

St. Alphonsus’ treatise on the uniformity with God’s will explains why it’s necessary for us to attach our wills to God’s.  

Planned Parenthood’s former president wrote a book. She writes of her experiences with the abortion violence organization—experiences that affirm what pro-life advocates have been saying for decades.  

Show 174: Hometown Pro-Life

Pro-life action can begin at home.

That’s the message John Pisciotta of Pro-Life Waco delivers to individuals looking to get active. From a simple yard-sign to traveling billboards, John shares his ideas for spreading the pro-life message in your community.

Show 173: The Supreme Court’s Viability Benchmark is Dead

Thomas Olp is a full-time lawyer with the Thomas More Society. Thomas explains how Rhode Island’s General Assembly illegally added a right to abortion in the state’s constitution, which would require a majority vote by Rhode Island’s citizens. The state’s Supreme Court will take up the decision. 

The Thomas More Society has filed an amicus brief describing the error of using viability as a dividing line for abortion limitations since advances in technology allow for better intervention of smaller, preborn children. 

Show 172: The Official Religion of Planned Parenthood

Humanists complain that Christians are trying to force their religious beliefs onto everyone. Meanwhile, the American Humanist Association is trying to force its beliefs onto everyone. You might think of Planned Parenthood as a secular organization devoid of religion, but humanism is the official religion of the abortion violence organization. Jim explains what the American Humanist Association is, and the Planned Parenthood presidents who have received its highest award.

Show 171: Flagging the Pro-Life Movement

The pro-life movement lacks a single, identifiable, unifying flag. The team at Pro-Life Flag Project is attempting to change that. The project is tallying votes from six public designs on its website.

Pro-Life Flag Project

The Supreme Court is set to hear an abortion case this October.  Pro-life advocates are debating whether this will have a devastating impact on Roe v. Wade.

The Born-Alive Infant Protection Act (HR 619) supposedly expands protections for babies born during an abortion procedure.

Congress is drafting its budget for the next fiscal year that will have significant impact for the pro-life community. 

Show 170: Supreme Court Precedent Can Be Overturned

Alan Parker, President of the Justice Foundation. Moral Outcry collects signatures from citizens who wish the courts to overturn the Roe and Doe decisions. Under the law of judicial precedent, one of the reason Supreme Court precedent can be overturned is if the decision(s) has been met with general dissatisfaction, protest, or severe criticism.

Show 169: Sanctuary Cities for Babies Waiting to Be Born

A federal judge has rejected Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit attempting to overturn Lubbock, Texas’ election where its citizens voted 63% to make Lubbock a sanctuary city for the preborn. Jim and his guests discuss Texas and other sanctuary cities for the preborn. These cities adopt measures to end abortion violence within city limits and prevent abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood from opening new ones.

Mark Lee Dickson is founder of Sanctuary Cities of the Unborn, a hub for pro-life advocates to begin the process of establishing their towns as sanctuary cities. Faith Montgomery is a Texas teenager working to get her town to become a community where preborn people are protected.

Show 168: From Creation to Death: What Do Those Terms Mean?

Terms like conception, pregnancy, and natural death don’t have a universal meaning. The Culture of Death has distorted them to minimize the evil it commits. Jim explains the history of these terms within the context of the culture of life.

Show 167: Stacking the School Board with Pro-Life Advocates

Lois Anderson is executive director of Oregon Right to Life. Lois work with school boards began when a parent informed her that Planned Parenthood was entering the public schools through a classroom sex education grant. Planned Parenthood’s after-school programs were not limited to her county. This began the mission of protecting students from Planned Parenthood by finding pro-life advocates willing to fill the seats of their local school boards.

Show 166: Where are the Federal Bills Protecting the Rights to Life and Liberty?

Several bills have been introduced to Congress that require attention by the pro-life activist.

Senate Bill 1 seeks to invalidate all voter laws intended to protect voter integrity. The Equality Act is intended to block all discrimination based on a person’s preferred sexual behavior. And radical feminists are attempted to resurrect the failed Equal Right Amendment. Have you called your Senators to voice your opinion?

Show 165: Campaign to Shutdown Texas Planned Parenthoods

The Marian Blue Wave asks Catholics to pray the Rosary once a week specifically for the closure of all Planned Parenthood facilities and an end to all types of abortion. Now, the program seeks to target specific Planned Parenthood facilities in Texas with a focused prayer campaign. Katie Brown is the guest on Jim’s show.

Show 164: The Month of May Provides Us with a Pro-Life Advantage

Topics discussed: The month of May is dedicated to the Blessed Mother. Joe Biden’s anti-Catholic presidency has led him to revoke the ban on federal funding of research performed on the remains of aborted, pre-born children.  Sanctuary cities for the unborn are cropping up across the United States. These cities, 24 and growing, seek to outlaw abortion within the city’s limits. Lubbock, TX seeks to be the newest and largest city despite having an abortion facility. Citizens, having collected enough signatures, will make the decision at the voting booth.

Show 163: Meeting Abortion-Minded Mothers Online

Karen Garnett is executive director of Heroic Media. Heroic Media connects with abortion-minded mothers with online advertising. This year the National Prayer Luncheon for Life is granting $85,000 in grants for effective pro-life advocacy. Winners are selected through online voting at National Prayer Luncheon for Life—>

Karen also reflects on the final days of Norma McCorvey, the anonymous Roe of the infamous Roe v. Wade court decision decriminalizing abortion-on-demand. 

Show 162: Pornography in Classroom Sex Education

Bev Kilmer is CEO of Freedom Speaks Coalition ( Her investigations into school sex programs has uncovered pornographic material that falls within the criminal codes of state and federal child pornography laws.

Show 161: Pro-life Activism Can’t Succeed Without Help From Above

Willy Guardiola is founder and president of Christian on a Mission and Palm Beach County RTL of Florida. Willy is a full-time pro-life activist in Florida bringing the pro-life message to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Willy also successfully coordinates protests against Planned Parenthood fundraisers.

Show 160: Planned Parenthood Closes Three Centers in Washington

Jim discusses the Feast of the Annunciation, a new report from the Guttmacher Institute shows a decline in teen pregnancy, brain death is not the death you think it is, and the Equality Act places special protections for people who think differently about their reproductive organs

Show 159: Blocking an ‘International Right’ to Abortion

Austin Ruse, president of C-Fam, joins Jim’s program to explain why C-Fam negotiates at the United Nations to prevent radical, leftist ideology from becoming international law. 

Show 158: Defending Pro-Life Advocates at the Courthouse

Tom Brejcha is President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Society. The Thomas More Society is representing David Daleiden, the undercover citizen journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood’s bartering prices for baby body parts. Brejcha represented Joe Schiedler in his infamous Now v. Scheidler cases that went to the U.S. Supreme Court three times.

Show 157: Separation from Christ is Worse than Covid

People need to know that things aren’t as bad as the media is portraying it. We’re not a slave to a pandemic that has a high infection-recovery rate. We ask Jesus and the Blessed Mother to take control of our lives. There have been more flu deaths than COVID deaths, and mainstream media doesn’t want to share that information.

The Equality Act may as well be called the LGBTQ Supremacy Act. Despite the word ‘abortion’ not appearing in the bill, it is hidden under the label ‘pregnancy treatment’.

Plus Jim discusses other anti-humanity developments happening at the federal level.

Show 156: Planned Parenthood’s Latest Numbers Show an Organization in Decline

The Equality Act passed the House of Representatives this week. It is the most pro-abortion bill to pass in the last decade. People who treat their reproductive organs apart from God’s design will be a protected class. People with same-sex attraction will be permitted tax-funded ‘treatment for pregnancy.’ No doubt these treatments include ending the lives of preborn children. 

Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report shows an increase of abortion violence and a dramatic decrease in private donors.

Our yearly facilities report continues to show an abortion corporation in decline. Planned Parenthood has dropped to 563 facilities in the United States.   

Planned Parenthood’s latest numbers can be viewed here (pdf). 

Sign up for the Wednesday STOPP Report here

Show 155: A New Congress Introduces So-Called ‘Pro-Life’ Bills

Biden has nominated Xavier Beccera to be the new head of HHS. Beccera loves abortion. As the head of HHS he will change how abortion pills are dispensed and used. Beccera has also gone after the Little Sisters of the Poor for their refusal to cover abortificient birth control pills in their health insurance. Listeners need to call their Senators and demand they vote ‘No’ on Beccera’s nomination.

Since January 4, Congress has introduced several bills in the House and Senate that are incorrectly labelled as pro-life bills. These so-called pro-life bills contain exceptions for babies created through a violent act against the mother. Another bill specifies that mothers are to be excluded from investigation if all abortions are criminalized. This gives mothers the freedom to kill her own preborn child.

Show 154: Overturning New York’s ‘Reproductive Health Act’

New York’s “Reproductive Health Act”, signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo, eliminated abortion violence restrictions and removed the killing of a preborn child from the state’s criminal code. 

Jim talks with attorneys Christen Civeletto and Michelle Sterlace.  They are filing a constitutional challenge against New York’s law alleging it harms vulnerable mothers and children. Preborn children who are killed or harmed are no longer protected under NY law when the mother intends to carry the child to term.

Show 153: Is the Pro-Life Movement Making Progress?

Recent pro-life polls reveal a startling stagnation in pro-life attitudes. There is very little support for a complete ban on all abortion, even among self-proclaimed pro-life advocates. So why hasn’t the needle moved over the last 48 years? Jim provides careful analysis of why this attitude isn’t changing .

Show 152: Adapting Pro-Life Activism in the Age of COVID

Pandemics require some changes in pro-life activities. For the Chicago March for Life the march took on a new tactic by transforming it into a city-to-city pro-life caravan.

Jim’s guest is Kevin Grillot, executive director of WeDignify. Grillot explains how he succeeded in bringing the Moving the Movement Tour across six cities across four states. 

Show 151: It’s Getting Harder to Remember When Abortion Used To Be Illegal

Joe Scheidler, founder of the Pro-Life Action League, has been fighting for the end of abortion since 1973.  He died at the age of 93. For the activists serious about fighting abortion violence in their community, Scheidler’s book ’Closed: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion’ is a necessary tool. Scheidler gave his final talk at the First Annual Red Rose Rescue conference. 

On this 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade Jim recalls a time when the United States recognized abortion as a criminal act. It’s getting harder to find anyone under the age of 60 cannot recall a time when abortion was illegal. 

Show 150: New Year, New Pro-Life Opportunities

Limitations on travel has permitted an incredible growth of pro-life walks around the nation.  WeDignify’s Anna Kinskey joins Jim to discuss the Chicago March or Life and her organization’s plan to teach college students how to effectively save lives. 

Show 148: Don’t Forget the Babies This Christmas

In the final weeks of 2020 we want you to consider three pro-life activism opportunities outside your regular duties outside of the abortion facilities:

‘Caroling for Christmas’ brings music in the spirit of Christ our Savior to all of those inside the killing centers.

‘Bells for Babies’ commemorates the 63 million babies who have been killed since 1973. 

Mysteries for Mothers offers rosaries for those contemplating death for their preborn children.

Show 147: Saving Students from Classroom Sex Programs

All across the nation students are forced to sit through graphic, classroom sex programming designed to eliminate childhood inhibitions and desensitize them to graphic sexual content.  This has been Planned Parenthood’s goal since 1986 when it instituted a plan to have mandatory K-12 sex programming in every school district. Beverly Kilmer, CEO of Freedom Speaks Coalition, is leading a Florida task force to rid the state of illegal sex programs.

Show 145: Why Did the USCCB Congratulate Joe Biden?

Contested elections are nothing new. What we do know is that in January a President will be sworn in and the pro-life movement will be faced with a president who will either support pro-life initiatives, or resist them.

The USCCB issued a congratulatory letter to apostate Joe Biden. The letter recognized Biden as the ‘2nd Catholic’ to be elected President. To clarify, the USCCB is a collegial gathering of bishops to discuss topics of mutual interest. It has no relationship on the Church’s authority and hierarchy. Statements on current events released by the USCCB are not representative of the body of bishops. 

Show 144: Post-Election—What’s Going On?

Election Day has passed and Americans are still waiting for the final results. However it does appear the U.S. Senate will continue to be held by a Republican majority. The U.S. House will retain Democratic control, but lose several seats. None of this has any bearing on whether or not we stop praying in front of abortion facilities.

Show 143: Could a New SCOTUS Justice Bring an End to Roe v. Wade?

Now that Justice Barrett has been confirmed to the Supreme Court, what does that mean for Roe v. Wade? An overturning of the decision decriminalizing abortion across the U.S. should not be the pro-life objective because it’s possible that it would allow for the murder of preborn children in most states.

Personhood for the preborn is the only objective that will protect babies across all fifty states because the preborn are owed total protection.

During this Fall’s 40 Days for Life an abortion facility in El Paso, TX closed permanently. This is the 107th abortion facility to close that was targeted by a 40 Days for Life effort.

Show 142: California 40 Days for Life Under Siege

In Walnut Creek, CA, pro-life participants in the 40 Days for Life campaign dealt with harassment from abortion activists. One of the pro-life participants informed us that the taunting is non-stop insofar as posting their pictures on the internet in an attempt to dox them.

Fearing violence, 40 Days for Life hired a security team to protect the vigil participants. Local media described a pepper spray incident between security and counter-protesters as a violent clash between pro-life and pro-abortion groups.

Judge Amy Barrett gave an impressive testimony before the Senate Judiciary confirmation hearings.

Show 141: First Victories After the First Year of the Marian Blue Wave

The Marian Blue Wave has reached its one-year anniversary.  In that year the Marian Blue Wave has achieved some incredible victories. First, 31 countries are saying 100,000 rosaries for the intention of ending Planned Parenthood and the end of abortion in the United States.  Second, Planned Parenthood has admitted what pro-life advocates have been announcing for decades—that it not only is the largest abortion organization, it’s the largest RACIST abortion organization.

Show 140: Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee is an Originalist

6,000 babies will die this week. Are you praying regularly to end this atrocity?

Judge Barrett is an originalist. She understands the original meaning of the U.S. Constitution. She deserves support from all pro-life advocates.  Back in 1789, there were six justices on the Supreme Court. In 1807 Congress raised the number to seven. Then in 1837, the number was raised to nine, and has been this way since 1869. If after the election there is a Democratic President and Democratic Senate, they will likely increase the seats to gain permanent power. 

Show 139: And the SCOTUS Nominee is . . . ?

Once President Trump picks a Supreme Court nominee, advocates for abortion violence will do everything they can to stop it. Despite the opposition by the Democratic minority in the Senate, the nominee will likely be confirmed.

President Trump is pushing to get a COVID vaccine available to the public. Despite their rapid development several vaccine candidates use aborted fetal cells in research. Four companies have reached phase-3 testing, yet three of them use aborted fetal cells.

Trump also wrote an executive order protecting all babies born alive from a botched abortion. However the specific language of his EO is not available online, and it’s likely the EO applies only to facilities that receive government funding.

Show 138: Turn to Our Lady of Sorrows

The first anniversary of the Marian Blue Wave is fast approaching. Tens of thousands of rosaries are prayed weekly for the intention of ending abortion and shutting down Planned Parenthood.

Our Lady of Sorrows focuses on her intense suffering and grief during the passion and death of our Jesus. Traditionally, this suffering was not limited to the passion and death event. It comprised the seven sorrows of Mary, which were foretold by the Priest Simeon.

Show 137: Post 9/11: Planned Parenthood Offers More Death

During this time of riots, unrest, and pandemics, we have to remember the important role of Mary the Mother of God.

At the World Trade Center memorial in NYC there are 11 mothers listed along with their unborn children. Approximately 2,416 preborn children are murdered everyday in the U.S. That’s approaching the 2,977 killed on September 11, 2001. Immediately after the attacks, Planned Parenthood offered free dead babies.

Show 136: The 2020 Democratic Platform and the Renewed Call for Abortion Violence

The Democratic ticket for president/vice-president believes in abortion-on-demand for babies in all stages of development including moments after birth. This is no surprise considering the Democratic platform includes various anti-life positions.

A few examples of the Democratic platform include every woman should have access to safe and legal abortion. Also, Democrats oppose all restrictions on the abortion pill.   Strangely, speeches at the national Democratic Convention lacked any mention of abortion violence.  

On five recent occasions Planned Parenthood admitted to structural racism within its organization. This is an opportunity for pro-life activists to teach teenagers and young adults that Planned Parenthood is an organization that requires complete dismantling. 

Show 135: Biding Disaster: Kamala Harris is Anti-Catholic, Pro-Abortion

Voting pro-life is essential for the Catholic faithful.

Kamala Harris was picked as Joe Biden’s running mate and has a pro-abortion, anti-Catholic record. As California Attorney General she ordered the raid and confiscation of undercover video exposing Planned Parenthood’s illegal baby body parts haggling. 

• Senator Harris believes pro-life people should not have a voice in the public square. In November 2018, Harris criticized Brian Buescher, a Catholic federal district court nominee from Nebraska, about his affiliation with the Knights of Columbus, simply because the organization was Catholic.

• Senator Harris supports using the power of the Federal government to overturn hundreds of laws in the states that protect the preborn and their mothers. These laws include state taxpayer funding of abortion and stronger oversight of abortionists and abortion facilities.

• Senator Harris’ policies are out of touch with even most pro-abortion Americans. She supports radical anti-life. She voted to refuse protections for babies born alive after an abortion. She has also voted in support of late-term abortions.

Show 134: Washington D.C. Pays for Abortion Violence

The current federal budget is about to run out and by law the Congress must pass one by September. Last Friday Congress passed a budget that covers 12 departments including HHS, Education, and Justice departments. Included in the budget is abortion coverage in Washington, D.C. and the elimination of the Conscience Clause that protects the consciences of medical professionals.

Dozens of Covid vaccines are in development. Children of God for Life and American Life League keeps a list of which ones are using aborted fetal cells lines and which are not. 

Planned Parenthood is suing The Church at Planned Parenthood.  

Students for Life has launched Strike Out Sanger in an effort to remove Margaret Sanger’s name and likeness removed from public places. 

Show 133: Pro-Abortion Catholics in Public Office

Election Day is fast approaching. Have you verified that you are registered to vote in your district?  Find out at If you’re not registered properly then visit  

 Too often Catholic politicians hold public office and pass immoral laws.  Canon 915 requires bishops,  priests, deacons, and Eucharistic ministers to protect the Eucharist by withholding Holy Communion from Catholic politicians who violate church teaching. 

In an attempt to rid itself of its racist image Planned Parenthood affiliates are admitting the hateful policies of the past are still in operation.  Students for Life of America has launched ‘Strike Out Sanger’ in an effort to removed memorials honoring Planned Parenthood’s racist founder, Margaret Sanger. American Life League is working to get Sanger and Maggie award recipients to renounce their awards. 

A bill has been introduced to Congress requiring all Planned Parenthood affiliates to return the grants it illegally received from the federal Payroll Protection Program.

Show 132: Erasing Margaret Sanger

Planned Parenthood begins to separate itself from its founder’s legacy of racism.  Accusations of racism from the Planned Parenthood’s New York affiliate leads to the removal of Margaret Sanger’s name from the abortion facility in New York City. 

But we shouldn’t be surprised since these changes began a few years ago. Planned Parenthood ceased giving its top award, The Margaret Sanger Award, and renamed its Maggie Awards to the Media in Excellence Awards.

What does surprise us is comes from a press release that admits an organizational problem exists within the Planned Parenthood federation and that steps will be put in place to rectify them. 

Show 131: The Death Penalty and the Pro-Life Movement

Why don’t pro-life groups fight against the death penalty with the same effort as abortion?

The Supreme Court handed down two decisions reaffirming the religious freedoms of the Little Sisters of the Poor and catholic schools.

Planned Parenthood’s reputation for racism forced the national abortion organization to choose a black CEO after lacking leadership for several months. 

In Texas Planned Parenthood uses a racial slur in a political campaign against a state senator, while in Tennessee Planned Parenthood burns the American flag. 

Show 130: The Great Pandemic

There have been 120,000 deaths from COVID-19, a doctor writes about a “racism pandemic,” but the media will never discuss the great abortion pandemic that takes the lives of 862,000 annually.  

No matter what the Supreme Court decides, the June Medical services decision regarding the regulation of abortion facilities will be controversial. No matter the decision, it will still be legal to kill a preborn child. 

Planned Parenthood of Greater New York fired its CEO after employees—current and former—complained about racism, favoritism, and mental abuse. Furthermore, Planned Parenthood opposes its employees unionizing, putting its employees under the protection of the SEIU. 

President Trump has put a lot of focus on putting constitutionalist judges in the nation’s district courts. The Senate approved Trump’s 200th federal judge appointment. 

Show 129: Nine First Fridays Devotion

Jesus promised the grace of final perseverance for those who receive Holy Communion on the first Friday’s for nine consecutive months.

This week, in a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court failed to protect faith-based employers against applicants seeking employment who oppose a company’s moral code.  

The Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust is partnering with Pro-Life San Francisco to stop the University of California in San Francisco from using aborted baby body parts for scientific experiments.

Show 128: Black Lives Matter and Its Abortion Agenda

Planned Parenthood has closed 40% of its facilities since the turn of the century. In order to survive, it is ramping up its at-home abortion business, but it first has to change the current federal guidelines regarding its distribution.

Washington state is mandating every school conduct sex programs. Citizens collected over 267,000 signatures in the middle of the pandemic to overturn the state law.

Black Lives Matter isn’t about protecting preborn lives. Its website describes its pro-abortion platform. 

Show 127: The Court Decision that Damaged the Family and the Culture

In 1965, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Griswold v. Connecticut by overturning the law prohibiting the use of birth control, thereby decriminalizing poison in the form of the pill. Jim explains how this decision paved the way for rampant hedonism, divorce, pornography, broken families, and homosexuality.

Show 126: Are You a Part of the Marian Blue Wave?

Katie Brown joins Jim to discuss the Marian Blue Wave’s growing popularity in shutting down Planned Parenthood. 

Show 126: ‘AKA Jane Roe’ Documentary—Fact or Fiction?

Jim discusses the the pro-life response to the FX documentary AKA Roe.  The film claims Norma McCorvey, aka Jane Roe of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case decriminalizing abortion nationwide, provides a deathbed confession—that she was never really pro-life, but only pretended to be because she was paid to be. So was McCorvey a pro-life advocate or a pro-abortion con artist?

Show 125: The Price Is Right Raises Money for Planned Parenthood

Not only has Planned Parenthood, a billion dollar corporation, opened up a handful of new abortion facilities recently, but it was awarded $97,000 from The Price Is Right game show. In the meantime, the abortion business faces its first lawsuit from the undercover video investigators who exposed its baby body parts-for-profit scheme. 

Show 124: One Last Chance: The Red Rose Rescue

Jim explores the necessity of the Red Rose Rescue, a pro-life effort to enter abortion facilities and talk one-on-one with abortion-minded mothers. Jim is joined by Lauren Handy, who helped shut down the Silver Spring, MD, Planned Parenthood facility and is founder/president of Mercy Missions. He is also joined by Will Goodman, an active Red Rose Rescue participant.  

Show 123: Issuing and Executive Order of Closure to Abortion Facilities

Willy Guardiola is head of Christian on a Mission and president of Palm Beach County Right to Life League. During the pandemic, Willy enters Florida abortion centers and serves them the governor’s executive order that requires the suspension of all elective and non-emergency surgical procedures.

Show 122: Pro-Life Activism Ideas During a Shelter-in-Place Order

John Pisciotta of Pro-Life Waco is the guest on the program. He shares his ideas for pro-life activism during the time when many states require residents to shelter in place. As states loosen restrictions, pro-life activists are encouraged to assemble outside corporations that enable Planned Parenthood and hold signs across highway pedestrian bridges.

Show 121: Who Decides Whether You Live or Die?

Your family or doctor might presume how you want to die. You should have a legal recourse to decide how you want to be kept alive. It’s the “Loving Will,” and it’s written to protect your life in the event you cannot demand to be kept alive through ordinary means. Jim further explains the necessity of the Loving Will.

Show 120: Police Arrest Advocates for Allegedly Breaking Stay-at-Home Order

Stephen Crampton, Senior Counsel at the Thomas More Society, joins Jim Sedlak to discuss the case of North Carolina advocates arrested for praying at an abortion facility despite a stay-at-home order issued by the state. The Thomas More Society filed suit in federal court against the mayor of Greensboro, NC, whose police force threatened with arrest and arrested pro-life advocates.

Show 119: Being Pro-life in the Midst of Pandemic

Jim provides a pro-life perspective on what can be a pro-life activist’s handling of the pandemic.

Show 118: The Coronavirus’ Effect on the Abortion Industry

How is the health crisis affecting abortion centers? Are they exempt from emergency measures?

Jim speaks with Willy Guardiola, a passionate Catholic activist and a freelance Catholic journalist involved with many Christian activities throughout the state of Florida. 

Show 117: The Church’s Response to the Coronavirus

Many Catholic dioceses are taking action to prevent the spread of coronavirus, including suspension of the serving the Precious Blood. Some dispensations from Sunday Mass have been given to vulnerable populations more susceptible to illness.

Show 116: Bad Behavior at the U.S. Supreme Court

This week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments regarding safety standards for abortion centers. It’s not uncommon for surgical centers to have hospital admitting privileges at local hospitals, and yet courts have ruled that regulating abortion facilities to this standard was unconstitutional.

Senator Chuck Schumer spoke before a pro-abortion crowd, pointed to the courthouse, and threatened two sitting justices—Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. 

Show 114: A Tale of Two Bills

Two bills have the support of President Trump: the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Do these bills deserve pro-life support? Jim Sedlak critiques the errors within these two bills.

Show 112: Why March for Life?

Were President Trump’s remarks at the March for life meaningful to pro-life advocates? Jim analyzes Trump’s March for Life speech.

Show 111: Marian Blue Wave at the March for Life

Jim describes the overwhelming enthusiasm for the Marian Blue Wave while exhibiting at the March for Life conference.

Show 110: The State of Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood released its annual report of services and financials. Jim Sedlak breaks down the numbers in ways that only an expert like Jim can. 

Show 109: What Companies Are Funding Planned Parenthood?

End of the year means lots of shopping and tax-deductible giving. But what companies are friendly with Planned Parenthood? Jim covers a few of the companies that you might want to steer clear of.

Show 108: Our Lady Is Necessary for Shutting Down Planned Parenthood

Jim Sedlak covers the necessity for bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary, California’s efforts to install Planned Parenthood clinics in public schools, and the corruption surrounding the trial of David Daleiden’s court case.

Show 107: Saving Babies and Mothers on College Campuses

Sarah Zarr, Texas and Southern Regional Coordinator, shares her testimony as being born a premature baby and the pressures doctors put upon her mother to abort Sarah. Today, Sarah draws from her mother’s pro-life courage to assist and support students facing unexpected pregnancies.

Also, Emily Stumpo, Michigan Regional Coordinator, identifies Planned Parenthood’s campaign to overturn all abortion restrictions in the state.

Show 106: Students Hunger for the Truth about Chastity

Jacinta Florence, Missouri and Arkansas Regional Coordinator for Students for Life of America, knows firsthand how college-aged students hunger for the truth about sex and relationships, but they lack witnesses who will share the truth with them.

Also, Titus Folks of Students for Life Action, the political-action arm of Students for Life.

Show 105: Students for Life Is Converting College Students

Kiki Rocha currently takes up the pro-life fight in Northern California, including San Francisco. Lily Hutkowski is the Indiana and Ohio Regional Coordinator and assists college students in exposing the evils of Planned Parenthood’s agenda to campuses. 

Show 104: The Active Life of Students for Life

Jim continues his Students for Life series with Tina Whittington, executive vice president, and Lauren Castillo, director of development at Students for Life of America.

Show 103: Pro-Life Campus Activism in Florida and California

Jim speaks with Students for Life Regional Coordinators from both sides of the coast. Ryan Neuhause assists pro-life students in Florida, while Brooke Karmie assists pro-life student activists in the Pacific Southwest.

Show 102: It Begins. The Marian Blue Wave

Jim Sedlak announces the launch of American Life League’s “Marian Blue Wave.”  Begun by Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas, the Marian Blue Wave invites Catholics to participate in the next great Rosary victory. By committing to one Rosary a week, pro-lifers nationwide will bring an end to the evil of abortion by arming themselves with the most powerful spiritual weapon—the Rosary.

Also, Jim’s guest this week is Sarah Minnich, Upper Midwest Regional Coordinator at Students for Life of America.

Show 101: Unwanted No More

BJ Garret is director of Christ-centered Abortion Recovery Education (CARE). As a child she was abused by her father and left unprotected by her mother. Her search for self-worth led her to sexual promiscuity, pregnancy, and broken relationships. Her life took a turn when she answered God’s call for pure love.