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WSR: 2024-07-03

  • The Republican and Democrat conventions begin soon. We explain the importance of understanding each platform.
  • Planned Parenthood is sinking millions into the Biden campaign and into any campaign that promises abortion “rights.” What can you do?
  • Our action item this week will help you not only clear out your inbox but will help keep you informed about important pro-life topics.

By Ed Martin

During the next six weeks, the two major American political parties will meet at their nominating conventions. And while there is some question about who will be nominated in at least one of those parties, a more important battle will go on when each party creates its party platform for the next four years.

A party platform is an aspirational document that describes the policies and principles of the party. It is sometimes long on specifics and sometimes short on details. You can learn a lot about who is in a party by the platform: It’s a kind of welcoming document that says, “This is who we are, and we are proud. You should come and join us!”

What will we get from the Republicans and Democrats? Examples from the past abound. Famously, the Democrats took God out of their party a few years ago. For 200 years, Republicans have maintained the Monroe Doctrine, which keeps foreign forces out of our hemisphere. More importantly to us and for life, both parties must face the post-Roe reality of life-and-death decisions about abortion. From defending life from the very start to defunding Planned Parenthood, will the parties stand up and fight?

We must watch, advocate, and pray.

Starting on Monday, July 15, through Thursday, July 18, the Republicans will meet in Milwaukee. Their platform, which has been pro-life and generally pro-family, will be worked on during the days just before the convention and adopted by the convention.

The Democrat convention begins on Monday, August 19, and ends on Thursday, August 22. They will meet in Chicago, and there are signs of fractures in the party, similar to what led to the 1968 convention violence in the same city. The Democratic party seems to be torn between so-called progressives and far-left forces.We should be watching both parties and their conventions to see what their serious statements are and what their statements of principle and policy entail. These platforms will be a key place to identify these statements.

By Katherine Van Dyke

On the two-year anniversary of the reversal of Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood Votes announced that it will contribute $40 million to the Biden  campaign and other Democratic campaigns that promote abortion in the 2024 election cycle. That is, the group is pledging $40 million to ensure that it can continue to kill preborn children. 

According to its statement in the Associated Press, Planned Parenthood is investing in the eight swing states that could significantly affect the trajectory of the 2024 presidential election. These swing states are Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Montana, New Hampshire, and New York. With the Biden campaign relying heavily on abortion to win the election, it is no surprise that Planned Parenthood would invest in it. Jenny Lawson, executive director of Planned Parenthood Votes, even told the Associated Press that “abortion will be the message of this election, and it will be how we energize voters. . . . It will be what enables us to win.”

Planned Parenthood Votes announced on its website that its “We Decide” program “will make strategic investments to defend the White House and the Senate, take back the House, state legislatures, governor offices, and state supreme courts—as well as pass critical abortion rights ballot measures across the country and launch voter registration efforts.” In another article, Planned Parenthood mentioned that some of the ways in which it is seeking to reach voters is through “volunteer and paid canvassing; phone banking; and digital, TV and mail advertising.” 

The We Decide website asks voters to take “the pledge” that states that they will vote for pro-abortion politicians. The site also provided a list of Planned Parenthood approved and endorsed politicians throughout the country.

Media outlets are noting that Planned Parenthood has spent more money on presidential and other election campaigns in the past, including two years ago when it committed to spending $50 million on Democratic midterm elections, and four years ago when it spent $45 million on Biden’s campaign. Though the real reason for less funding to Democratic campaigns this year by the abortion giant is not known for certain, it is irrelevant. Forty million dollars for the purpose of killing preborn children and hurting their mothers is $40 million too much. 

One of my favorite activities of the summer is to go through my inbox and delete or unsubscribe from unwanted emails. Somehow over the year, I find that I have been added to too many lists, and I get tons of emails that I don’t necessarily want. It’s a good time to click and dump!

Also, I do try to think about what I’m missing. Have I heard from my local church? What about the nearest pregnancy resource center? Am I getting an update on the St. Louis Cardinals (that’s my team!)? I will actually go and find some email lists and sign up. (I know, I know, this is probably why I get too many emails!)

The point is that we should be filling our minds—and our inboxes—with materials that nourish us spiritually and emotionally. This summer, please consider making certain that you are signed up for ALL’s email lists. We have a few different ones (Pro-Life This WeekCulture of Life Studies ProgramMarian Blue WaveCelebrate Life Magazine), and I recommend you join them all so you can keep up to date on pro-life news and activities!

Because so many of you asked for it, we have just created a new express email address so you can easily get in touch with us at STOPP. Over the past few months, we have found that people had questions, comments, and other information that they wanted to relay to us.  

The email address will be monitored 24 HOUR A DAY. If you have any questions or tips for us, please send them to

Momentum is building in the fight against Planned Parenthood. In the past three weeks alone we have had four different local pro-lifers contact us so we could begin a plan for working together. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us about getting Planned Parenthood out of your town. We must keep building our army of informed citizens.

Planned Parenthood is an enemy of life, and we need to fight back. I hope to hear from you.