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WSR: 2023-05-17

  • Planned Parenthood’s 2021-22 Annual Report: Record-Breaking Donations, Big Taxpayer Bucks, Major Profits, and 1,025 Dead Babies Every Day
  • The PPFA 2021-2022 Annual Report—The Numbers Don’t Lie: Abortion, Income, and Profits Soar
  • Comparing PPFA’s Income and Profits Over the Past 5 Years
  • Contraception Is at the Heartless Core of Planned Parenthood’s Ever-Increasing Quest to Cancel Families and Groom Children and Youth for Abuse. The Numbers Are Up, Up, Up!
  • Planned Parenthood’s Real Services to Pregnant Women Are Notably Down, Down, Down


By Rita Diller

You can’t read Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s new 2021-22 annual report without coming away with the feeling that you have seen, felt, and tasted the venom of a hundred thousand demons marching in rank.

Along with admitting that it ended the lives of 374,155 babies through abortion—the second highest number in its history—Planned Parenthood also brags that it is still the nation’s largest provider of sex education, which it says is particularly needed at this time. PP wants us to believe that sex education is needed, of course, to curb unwanted pregnancies, which result in the “need” for relentless abortion. PP says its affiliate educators reached nearly 567,000 people last year.

It continues to tout its “relentless,” ever-growing Internet sex indoctrination presence, boasting:

  • 4 million education video views
  • 1 million sessions on decision-making quizzes
  • 154,000 conversations with “live health educators”
  • 204,00 conversations with its sex-ed chat robot “Roo”
  • 200 million visits to its main website

With PPFA sending its affiliates an additional $49.2 million for sex education in our schools and local communities all across our nation in this one year, a person who knew nothing about Planned Parenthood might expect that its omnipresence would actually substantially lower the number of abortions. But this report shows a miniscule 2% drop in the number of PP abortions over the previous year—a mere bump in the road for Planned Parenthood. And no wonder abortion numbers remain so high, since Planned Parenthood encourages sexual license at every corner, seeks to poison the minds of our children without parental knowledge or involvement, and directs our children toward abortion and birth control at the very core of its presence, while also emanating a radical attitude of “we will get our way and stay filthy rich at your expense, ‘no matter what.’”

The entire PPFA annual report is a strident diatribe framed with the backdrop of “the year the worst happened,” referring to the Dobbs decision that negated the bogus constitutional right to abortion. The dark report begins with a black cover featuring hordes of one word—“RELENTLESS”—typed over and over in soldier-like columns, grinding in the point that nothing will stop this organization from committing abortion after abortion and changing society to fit its mold, on its own terms. And in case that didn’t make you understand, it is followed by another page with the word “RELENTLESS” stacked in neat columns and tidy rows. A few pages later, we get yet another nearly full page of this word.

The numbers in the report reveal that PP has indeed been relentless in its abortion business and that it has turned the Dobbs decision into a fundraising opportunity extraordinaire. One of the standout numbers in the report shows its robust finances in this “worst” year. In what it frames as its worst of times, the abortion giant banked a record-breaking $694.9 million in private contributions and bequests! That accounts for 36% of PPFA’s revenue. The abortion giant ended the year with $204.7 million in profits, termed “excess revenue over expense,” since the corporation is organized as a nonprofit.     

And while we hear many claims by politicians in their election bids that they will defund Planned Parenthood, guess what? The opposite continues to happen. Planned Parenthood banked $670.4 million in government money in 2021-22. That’s $1.8 million per day—an all-time high. It comprises a full 35% of Planned Parenthood’s funding. 

Planned Parenthood claims it is building a better future. How? “We have to smash the culture of shame and stigma that surround [sic] sexual and reproductive health, recruit new partners to the movement, and remind the world that we are fighting for freedom. We have to be relentless.

As long as Planned Parenthood’s business continues to be a lucrative one, it will remain. As long as it can get a foot up on the hill of public opinion, it will grow. And as long as it can convince people that sexual license and killing babies spell freedom and healthcare, it will remain relentless.

It is the job of those who respect human life and God’s gift of marriage and the nuclear family as the very basis of a healthy society to be even more relentless than the demons that drive Planned Parenthood. We are here, and we are also relentless—in our prayers and work to Stop Planned Parenthood.

Below we paint the picture—in Planned Parenthood’s own numbers—of its vicious, unrelenting advance against the family, against morality, and against life.

Planned Parenthood’s most recently reported numbers (2021-2022) paint a grisly picture of a money-hungry monster that is hell-bent on taking the lives of our tiniest children while raking in huge profits.

  • Annual abortions: 374,155
  • Average daily abortions: 1,025
  • Average hourly abortions: 43
  • Average abortions every minute: 2



Does Planned Parenthood ever have a bad year, financially speaking? As you read the numbers below, remember that first digit of annual income before the comma in each of these years is in the billions column. When we look at the last five reporting years, we see that the abortion monster has been on a roll, raking in an average of $1.713 billion! We are talking about obscene amounts of money. And this, coupled with warped, perverse ideology, is why the abortion lobby fights so viciously and relentlessly to maintain abortion and contraception “rights.”

The sexual revolution that ushered contraception and abortion into society was spearheaded by Planned Parenthood and its cohorts. Contraception’s goal was and is to separate babies from sex, which would in turn cancel the marital bond between one man and one woman as a prerequisite for sex, literally breaking the family and creating a perceived “need” for abortion when contraception fails to block the conception of a child.

This has led to a society that has normalized contraception and is still attempting to normalize abortion, is constantly redefining marriage and even undefining gender—a society that does not value, welcome, or protect children. Instead, it seems to revolve around the idea of sexual pleasure—recreational sex without responsibility for the naturally flowing consequences. That sounds like Planned Parenthood’s dream world. In today’s verbiage, the plan is to cancel the family—leading to the woeful situation we see today where children—all of whom need their father’s and mother’s protection—are left adrift in this world to try to protect themselves and to shepherd themselves through all the ordeals this fatherless world is serving up to them.

Contraceptives—coupled with sex indoctrination that revolves around the preposterous idea that children are sexual from birth and can experience and have the right to their own “sexual pleasure”—groom children for abuse from the youngest ages. This is the heartless core of Planned Parenthood’s plan for our children.

Here is Planned Parenthood’s picture-by-the-numbers of its relentless quest to destroy the family through contraceptives.

Total contraceptive “services” (UP 7.1%): 2,348,274
Emergency contraceptive kits aka morning after pill (UP 7.4%): 1,650,350
Reversible contraception customers (UP 6.7%): 1,650,350
Male sterilizations (UP 24%): 2,857
Other contraceptive “services” (UP 10%): 151,948

Leading up to, and in the wake of the Dobbs decision, we see Planned Parenthood moving hard and fast to skirt and eliminate laws that protect preborn children from abortion. They have been focused on expanding Internet-based video appointments and pill abortions to reach pregnant moms in states where abortion may be restricted. Telehealth appointments are up a whopping 134%, as PP reports over half a million such appointments.

Meanwhile, the largest overall percentage increase—up 1,513%—is a category listed as Other Procedures, which includes transgender “services.”

This category shows a total of 256,550 procedures. PPFA brags in its report that 41 of its 49 affiliates provide what they term “gender-affirming hormone therapy.” It appears to be the next big frontier for Planned Parenthood and a guaranteed moneymaker, since attempts to change gender open the door to a lifetime of mandatory medical care and irreversible procedures.

With so much on the rise at Planned Parenthood, it is no surprise to see that real services that might benefit pregnant women are declining.

Adoption referrals to other agencies: DOWN 7.1%
Pregnancy tests: DOWN 3.7%
Prenatal services: DOWN 29%
Miscarriage care: DOWN 5%
STD treatment: DOWN .8%
Total unduplicated customers: DOWN 1.4%

This is the relentless legacy of Planned Parenthood. “Care. No Matter What”? I think they meant to say: “Abortion and destruction of families. No matter what.”

But experience tells us they will stop when the truth becomes widely known about Planned Parenthood’s history, agenda, and its killing business. STOPP is here for the long run, working at the grassroots level as well as nationally and internationally, to defeat Planned Parenthood. It is in God’s hands, and if we are willing to work and pray, we will be delivered from the abortion monster.

Thank you for being a key part of the battle and for your continued support of STOPP’s work! You can help by donating to our lifesaving work here.