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Seeds of Confusion Surround Cardinal Turkson, Birth Control

Vatican representative Cardinal Peter Turksen made statements in an interview with the BBC alluding to Birth Control and the use of natural means to regulate births as a tool to address environmental challenges. This is the antithesis of the birth control mentality and is not compatible with a view that natural family planning is mere birth control. Clarification of his comments are needed before grave damage is done in the public arena and Catholic people are led to believe that the Church is promoting birth control by any name.

The Pill Kills Families

The destruction of the family is one of the greatest disasters of the last century. It has happened subtly, almost silently, and now we are left with the carnage. How will we alter the path that so many seem so willing to travel? Will we raise our voices in protest? If we want to make changes and save lives and souls, we must.