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Pro-Life This Week: January 13, 2023

Why attend the March for Life now that Roe is gone?

This is a question we get all the time. Just because there is no longer a federal right to an abortion does not mean abortion is eradicated. Quite the opposite, actually.

As reported in 2022, for the first time in decades, abortions are on the rise. With the increase in availability of the deadly abortion pill regimen, it is easier than ever to kill babies. It is more important to march now than it has ever been.

On January 18, 2023, the annual March for Life Expo will officially open! Our American Life League staff has been planning for this year’s expo, including the design of a new tee shirt to be sold exclusively at the expo.

The expo will open on the evening of the 18th and run through Friday the 20th. The March will be held in Washington, DC, to celebrate the overturn of Roe and acknowledge the work that still must be done. 

We hope you will stop by and see us! We will have a table full of giveaways and helpful information for all pro-lifers. For more information, please visit the March For Life website.

Week in Review – Remembering STOPP International Founder, Jim Sedlak; Looking to the Future of STOPP

It has been one year since the passing of STOPP International founder, Jim Sedlak. Jim dedicated his life to educating the public on the inner workings of Planned Parenthood and saving the babies. Jim was and is a pro-life hero. 

Rita Diller, the Interim STOPP director, wrote about Jim in her most recent issue of the WSR: “Jim was a fearless and unstoppable defender of the preborn,” says Diller. “He happily traveled the US and the world sharing his research and knowledge of the operations of Planned Parenthood and had a huge impact on the closure of hundreds of Planned Parenthood facilities across the nation. He also kept his finger on the pulse of Planned Parenthood’s racist roots and how that carried over into its current business model. He was instrumental in showing PP’s racism decades before it began to admit culpability. He knew more about Planned Parenthood than most of its employees and CEOs.”

This last part certainly rings true. Jim did often know more about Planned Parenthood than the employees themselves!

This mission and passion is what will guide STOPP going forward. The program is currently being led by Rita Diller, who worked directly under Jim for many years. 

STOPP reports continue to feed information about Planned Parenthood to the public, including the most recent research about profits from the deadly abortion pill regimen

Diller conducted research discovering that Planned Parenthood is collecting more than a 2,000% profit on abortion pills, as they retail for around $30 and PP is on record selling them for as much as $800. 

Diller is also compiling data for the annual Planned Parenthood CEO salary report. These findings are expected to come early in 2023. 

As we press on in memory of our dear friend and colleague, Jim, we strive to always be the first to inform the public on what Planned Parenthood is up to in the hopes that we, too, will know more about Planned Parenthood than their own employees do. 

On Thursday this week, Hugh Brown was interviewed by USA Today regarding the aftermath of Roe and what it means for American Life League moving forward. The interview will be posted to PLTW next week. 

Fox News reached out to American Life League this week for a comment on the recent House vote on the “Born Alive Protection Act.” ALL released a statement to Fox expressing disappointment in the sheer evil that comes from the Democrats who voted against the Born Alive Act. 

Susan Ciancio, Celebrate Life Magazine editor, writes a weekly op-ed often featuring current cultural events with a fresh Catholic perspective. This week’s article was a heartfelt observation of NFL’s Damar Hamlin bringing the whole nation to prayer when the football player’s heart stopped on live TV. 

Twice a week, Judie’s commentaries are distributed to an expansive media list. The list contains over 100 media outlets, such as Fox News, The Federalist, Breitbart, and The Daily Caller, among others. Judie’s commentaries are each featured on the front page of Each commentary is also featured as a part of Judie’s recurring column on Renew America

Pro-aborts accuse pro-life advocates of caring for the baby until he’s born, and yet pro-abortion lawmakers on Capitol Hill refuse to pass a federal bill mandating medical treatment for babies who failed to die in utero during an abortion. If that sounds hypocritical, listen to Democrats attempt to explain the reasons a Born-Alive bill is “dangerous”:

Rep. Jerrold Nadler:

Rep. Jan Schakowsky:

These lawmakers don’t want to save babies because doing so would . . . endanger them.

Yes, that’s what he’s saying. And, yes, these people write our laws. 

These people don’t believe in a “woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy.” It has always been about a woman’s right to a dead baby.