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ALL announces National Pro-life T-shirt Day

On April 26, thousands of young people across the country will participate in American Life League’s National Pro-life T-shirt Day by wearing shirts with pro-life messages to their high schools, colleges and everywhere they travel that day.

RU-486 continues to kill preborn children and their mothers

“The latest reports explaining how five women have died from bacterial infections after taking the RU-486 abortion pill is further evidence of the abortion industry’s pursuit of a reckless path of destruction that leaves millions of victims dead in its wake,” said Judie Brown, president of American Life League.

Resignation of top FDA official over Plan B

News of the resignation of Susan Woods, director of the FDA’s Office of Women’s Health, in the wake of the administration’s non-decision regarding the over-the-counter status of Plan B once again shows the controversial nature of this drug.

Catholic bishops’ group must drop official

While prayers for the soul of Rabbi Balfour Brickner are certainly proper, the statement offered by an official of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops upon Rabbi Brickner’s passing is a source of scandal