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WSR: 2021-01-27

  • WSR
  • 14 min read

New GAO report documents $1.6 billion in taxpayer money to PPFA
Quotes on the results of the latest GAO study on Planned Parenthood
Biden and abortion
The spiritual battle is taking shape under Biden.

WSR: 2021-01-13

  • WSR
  • 11 min read

One-year anniversary of PPGNY
Planned Parenthood clinics decline for 18th straight year
The effects of the Marian Blue Wave

WSR: 2020-12-16

  • WSR
  • 15 min read

Planned Parenthood issues demands for first 90 days
Planned Parenthood celebrating Biden-proposed cabinet
End-of-Year Pro-life Activities outside Planned Parenthood
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year