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WSR: 2021-08-25

  • Behind the Planned Parenthood numbers
  • Former employees say “Planned Parenthood is all about abortion”
  • Planned Parenthood, once again, tries to sneak into town
  • Now is the time to gear up for sex ed battles

Behind the Planned Parenthood numbers

During the course of a year, Planned Parenthood Federation of America releases a great deal of numbers. Those that are of particular concern and are reported by many groups are its abortion numbers, its government income, its adoption referrals, and its prenatal services.

While all these and similar categories of numbers are important, there are other numbers that give insight into Planned Parenthood’s business and reporting techniques. In this article we will take a look at a couple of these numbers and show how they help us to understand Planned Parenthood’s operations.

The first of these is the count of “services” provided by Planned Parenthood, as well as the number of “unduplicated clients” it reports.

Planned Parenthood is quick to trumpet the fact that it has 2.4 million unique clients and that it provides around 10.4 million services a year (2019).  

If we go back in history to 1998, we find that Planned Parenthood also reported 2.4 million unique clients but reported only 4.4 million services.

During those same years, Planned Parenthood’s clinic income has gone from $206.5 million in 1998 to $370.4 million in 2019.

What happened between 1998 and 2019 is that Planned Parenthood has apparently learned to sell more services to its clients. In 1998, each unique customer purchased an average of 1.85 services. By 2019, that number has more than doubled, with the average customer getting 4.32 services. It is the reason why Planned Parenthood stresses services provided in its self-analysis. If it has convincing salespeople working in the centers, it can always sell more services and appear to be growing.

A more detailed look at the services-versus-clients game can be found in examining Planned Parenthood’s reports of prenatal clients/services. 

From 2000 through 2008, Planned Parenthood reported in its annual reports on the number of prenatal clients served. That number went from 17,700 in 2000 down to 9,433 in 2008. Clearly, Planned Parenthood became worried over the 47 percent drop in prenatal clients. In 2009, Planned Parenthood actually reported two different numbers in different places. It reported its prenatal clients continued to decrease to 7,021, but it also reported that the number of prenatal services was 40,489.

Planned Parenthood clearly liked the 40,000 number and all annual reports since 2009 have contained only the number of prenatal services—not the number of clients. Even so, the number of prenatal services continued to decline every year for the next seven years—reaching 7,762 prenatal services in 2016. For the last three years, the number of prenatal services has fluctuated (9,055; 9,798; 8,626), and there is no way to tell if the numbers are driven by an increase of prenatal clients or simply Planned Parenthood figuring out a way to sell more services to an ever-declining number of customers.

While I realize that this article may be a bit tedious because of all the numbers, the overall conclusion is important. As we read and interpret data released by Planned Parenthood on its own operations, we must always be conscious that Planned Parenthood will only provide the data in the format that it feels will make it look the way it wants to appear.

Taken in these terms, the ever-increasing abortion numbers in recent Planned Parenthood reports shows it is proud of the number of preborn babies it has murdered—a number that will surpass 9.1 million by the end of this year.

Former employees say “Planned Parenthood is all about abortion

In the last issue of the WSR, we brought you information on how Dr. Leana Wen was forced out of Planned Parenthood because she wouldn’t push abortion enough.

Following up on Wen’s statements, the National Catholic Register ran a lengthy article on other former Planned Parenthood employees who left the organization for the same reason. We encourage all our readers to study the full article, Planned Parenthood’s Deception: Former Abortion Workers Share Ex-Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen’s Disillusionment. Below, we bring you some highlights from this article.

  • One nurse practitioner worked for 11 years at Planned Parenthood. She told the Register that her affiliate did not provide abortion, but after they merged with another affiliate, she learned that the managers were meeting to discuss abortion quotas. She was told abortion was “how we make our money,” and the idea that it was just a small part of what the group does is “what we want the public to believe.”
  • A surgical assistant said she started at Planned Parenthood thinking she was going to be helping women with things like cancer screenings and family planning, with “abortion also being a part of it, but I didn’t think it was such a big part of it until I started working there and realized that it was all abortion.” She said there was “a quota we had to meet every day. We scheduled 50 abortions a day, and it was all about abortion, and it didn’t matter what that woman wanted in that counseling room—my job was to change her mind.”
  • A former Planned Parenthood health-center manager said she was fired after 11 months. She said: “Senior leadership started reprimanding me because my abortion numbers were going down. They were going down because I actually started listening to women and talking to them. Women who came in who were uncertain about their decision, I would either cancel their appointment or reschedule.” She said she became “frustrated at the fact that we were telling people we gave women an option; but, in reality, I saw that we did not. We were coercing women; we were basically forcing their hand.” 

The article contains a lot of detailed information, including the names of the former Planned Parenthood employees. Particularly compelling were statements from the former manager of a Planned Parenthood surgical abortion center describing some of the commonplace harm done to women having a surgical abortion. She summed up her feelings and those of other people in the article by saying, “They (Planned Parenthood upper management) didn’t care about their staff members. They didn’t care about the patients. They only cared about the money.”

Planned Parenthood, of course, denies that these occurrences are commonplace, but as more and more former employees reveal what really happens behind the closed center doors, the true picture is emerging. When one understands the tenets of Humanism, as spread by Planned Parenthood, it is not a surprise. After all, Humanism insists abortion, suicide, and euthanasia must be legal, that there is no Heaven or Hell, and the only important thing is to live “the good life here and now.” With that attitude, exploiting the killing of children to make money is acceptable to them.

Planned Parenthood, once again, tries to sneak into town

The first highly publicized case of Planned Parenthood sneaking into a community using a false identity to purchase, build/renovate a property, and get needed permits, took place in Aurora Illinois in 2007. Since then, Planned Parenthood has used this technique many times to thwart any efforts by Planned Parenthood’s opponents to stop it from opening. It has become standard operating procedure for the nation’s largest abortion chain.

Over the last few weeks, fighters against Planned Parenthood have discovered just this scenario unfolding in Rogers, Arkansas. Unlike other communities, the alert anti-Planned Parenthood folks in Rogers made the discovery before Planned Parenthood had a chance to open.

The Family Council in Arkansas published an article on their website last week about what is transpiring in the Natural State. Following are some excerpts from that article (used with the permission of the Family Council).

Is Planned Parenthood Opening an Abortion Facility in Rogers?

Planned Parenthood operated an abortion facility in Fayetteville, Arkansas, for several years until its landlord reportedly opted not to renew the abortion giant’s lease in the summer of 2019.

Planned Parenthood initially issued statements saying it would reopen in the Northwest Arkansas area soon. However, the facility has remained closed ever since.

On Wednesday (August 18), Family Council learned that Planned Parenthood may have acquired a former medical clinic at 1222 West Poplar Street in Rogers.

According to records from the Benton County Assessor’s Office, the facility is owned by a company called 12 Redacre LLC. However, 12 Redacre LLC’s mailing address — 4401 W 109th St, STE 200, Overland Park, KS 66211 — matches the mailing address for the Planned Parenthood Great Plains regional affiliate office.

County tax records also indicate that 12 Redacre LLC listed Planned Parenthood’s address when it paid taxes on the property last April.

This would seem to indicate that Planned Parenthood is tied to 12 Redacre LLC — and to the facility in Rogers.

Because the facility is a former medical clinic, it stands to reason that it could be used as an abortion facility.

Last Friday, the Arkansas Times ran a story on the Family Council revelations in which it reported Planned Parenthood’s reaction to the Family Council disclosure. The reporter wrote: “Planned Parenthood has made no announcement about reopening in Northwest Arkansas. However: I have confirmed with Planned Parenthood that the organization will soon announce specifics of its return to Northwest Arkansas in a location formerly used as a doctor’s clinic and it said it was looking forward to an opportunity to return services to that area and to expand the care it offers in Arkansas. A formal announcement can be expected soon.”

Planned Parenthood is so afraid of the general public that it just won’t be honest when it tries to open in a new community. Thanks to the great research work of people in Rogers, the local community now knows it is coming and where its center will be.

Local fighters against Planned Parenthood are already mobilizing. A local pregnancy resource center has announced plans to have a van equipped with an ultrasound parked next to the Planned Parenthood building. Others are already organizing prayer rallies at the site, and much more is in the planning stages. 

Please pray for all efforts against Planned Parenthood in Rogers, Arkansas. To find out what you can do to help, please go to the Northwest Arkansas Respect Life website and use the “contact” information.

Now is the time to gear up for sex ed battles

I noticed it this week in Virginia. Getting out in the early morning hours, I encountered school buses picking up children for their in-person classes. It reminded me of the fact that the purveyors of comprehensive sexuality education programs in the schools had a rough time in the schools during the pandemic.

Since children were distance learning, mostly from their homes, parents had the opportunity to view a lot of material they would not ordinarily see. Knowing this, many of the schools toned down the sex ed material and, of course, guest speakers from Planned Parenthood and other pro-sex organizations were either not invited or instructed to keep content parent friendly.

With the opening of schools in most states starting this month, we need to be extremely vigilant in monitoring what is going on in the classrooms. Planned Parenthood proclaims itself as the number one teacher of sexuality education programs in the nation. So, you can expect it will be chomping at the bit to teach innocent children “how to obtain sexual satisfaction before marriage” —as PP’s Dr. Leena Levine described PP sex ed programs in 1952.

To be ready for this effort, we recommend you read Dr. Melvin Anchell’s article, A Psychoanalytic Look at Today’s Sex Education. Written in the 1990s, it is still valid today. Reading his warnings of what would happen to our society if classroom sex education were to become common, one needs only to look around at our society to know how right he was. But it is not too late. We can prevent further harm and begin to reverse the tide if we all take seriously our roles as parents and grandparents.

At the same time Dr. Anchell was writing his article, STOPP published a “how to” book on fighting sexuality education programs in schools. The book, Parent Power!!, is now available for free on STOPP’s website. You can download a copy for free here.

Planned Parenthood has been fighting the battle for abortion in school classrooms for decades. You can stop them, but you must become involved with your local school systems.