Getting the Words Right (To and From Rome)

On her recent visit to Rome, Judie Brown, cofounder and president of American Life League, met with Vatican officials to discuss the changing pro-life landscape in America.

State by State, Loss of Taxpayer Funding Forces Planned Parenthood Closures

Do you hear it? It begins as a whimpering, sniveling sound and peaks with a vicious roar, before dying down once again to a whimper. There it is again! And again!

Obamacare to Cover Chemical Abortions: Quelle Surprise!

The Institute of Medicine just returned its report to Health and Human Services that annual sex counseling, contraception, and chemical abortion be mandated as free preventive public and private healthcare in the United States. IOM is on record that it believes abortion is a health benefit to women.

Congressmen call for Congressional Investigation of Planned Parenthood

A recent report entitled, “The Case for Investigating Planned Parenthood,” by Americans United for Life has received some high profile support.

Statement on Appointment of Archbishop Chaput to Archdiocese of Philadelphia

We welcome the news that Archbishop Charles Chaput will assume the leadership of the troubled Archdiocese of Philadelphia.