Grandma Death

Wokeness in the New Year

By Judie Brown “At its heart wokeness is divisive, exclusionary, and hateful; it basically gives mean people a shield to be mean and cruel, armored in false virtue.” – Elon Musk Musk’s words ring true whether the topic is abortion, contraception, euthanasia, human sexuality, traditional marriage, or other social subjects that ignore the dignity of […]

Build a Culture of Life with the Bible in a Year

By Susan Ciancio Three hundred sixty-three days ago I started a journey—a journey filled with excitement, battles, conflict, burning bushes, and more. But most importantly, a journey filled with wisdom, heroes, and God’s love. This journey has taken me through nearly the entire Bible. I’m talking about Ascension’s Bible in a Year podcast with Fr. […]

Moving the Movement: A 2021 March for Life Alternative

By Karen Mahoney In January 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic that shuttered schools, churches, and businesses also changed the March for Life Chicago. But its organizers would not be thwarted, and they came up with an exciting alternative! WeDignify—the Champagne-based pro-life group that organizes the march and that also mentors college students as they strive to […]

Compensation Report: Planned Parenthood IS the 1% and Spending Tax Dollars in Racist Hiring Practices

American Life League Exposes Abortion Executives’ Inflated Salaries and Discrimination Against Black CEOs Contact: Tom Ciesielka, TC Public Relations, 312.422.1333, [email protected] (December 22, 2021 – Fredericksburg, Virginia) A report released on December X, 2021, by the American Life League pulls back the curtain to show how America’s largest abortion provider is spending much of the $618 million […]

We Find Hope in a Stable

By Susan Ciancio One of my favorite Christmas songs is “Mary’s Boy Child” by a Euro-Caribbean group called Boney M. I like this song for many reasons: It’s joyful, it has a fun beat, it makes me feel happy, and it has some very poignant lines. One stanza in particular stands out to me. The […]

Thoughts on the Nativity

By Judie Brown Christmas is near, and so we approach the creche with awe, gratitude, and prayerful hearts. Approaching the beautiful scene of Joseph, Mary, and the Christ Child reminds us of the wonder of a young woman who, despite her fears and confusion, uttered an unqualified yes to the angel Gabriel. As Gabriel said: […]