Mass Shootings Are Our Fault. Own It!

The Elderly, Nursing Homes, and the Veil of Silence

By Judie Brown I was shocked to read in a recent BARRON’s article that “the coronavirus has caused long-term-care facilities serving older and disabled people, who are among the most vulnerable to the pandemic, to draw the curtains,” keeping caregivers and family essentially in the dark regarding care and treatment of their loved ones. This […]

Teach Children that Sex Is Sacred, Not Just a Bodily Function

By Judie Brown As we navigate the era of the coronavirus, organizations like Planned Parenthood are confronting the health crisis by assuring parents that it can help guide them through the dreaded birds and bees conversation. Dr. Sara C. Flowers, Vice President of Education at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, says “Honest, ongoing conversations with […]

Using a Cudgel to Kill People

By Judie Brown Headlines tell us every day that abortions, contraception, and even euthanasia are somehow related to the plague, commonly known as the coronavirus. During this time of crisis, the culture of death is hammering home its message in ways designed to persuade the fearful and the anxious that more abortions and acts of […]

Pelosi Is Bishops’ Achilles Heel

By Judie Brown Achilles’ heel: “a vulnerable point” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s most vulnerable point is her inability to recognize truth—the truth that does not change. This is why we describe her as one of the most infamous pro-abortion Catholic-in-name-only leaders in our nation. Her offenses to the dignity of the innocent human […]

Comparing Apples and Oranges

By Judie Brown The phrase “comparing apples and oranges” means comparing two dissimilar entities. This applies well when comparing the innate dignity of each innocent human being from creation to death with the prevailing idea among some that bowing to polling data rather than adhering to legitimate truth is acceptable. Actual facts lead us to […]

Living in a ‘Contraceptive Desert’

By Judie Brown According to the media, a “contraceptive desert” is a place where women at or below the poverty level live in “counties in which there is not reasonable access to a health center offering the full range of contraceptive methods.” The source for this information is Power to Decide, a campaign to prevent […]