Trumping the Babies

By Judie Brown The omnibus budget bill recently signed by President Donald J. Trump has a slight problem. And it’s literally a deadly one. The budget contains a $500,000 sum for Planned Parenthood—the nation’s leading proponent and marketer of abortion! Upon signing this ghastly excuse for a government funding bill, the president said: I say […]

IRONY – March for Our Lives Driven by Pro-Abortion Ideologues

WASHINGTON, D.C.  – In a statement issued today, American Life League president Judie Brown took note of the extreme irony that the recent March for Our Lives rally was organized by pro-abortion extremists: Students across the United States took part in the March for Our Lives this past weekend. The March was supposed to be […]

Compelled to Advocate Death

By Judie Brown It’s incredible the way the pro-death media can spin a story. Take, for example, the drenched-in-pro-abort-propaganda Huffington Post. It recently reported (and I use the word loosely) on the latest pro-life v. pro-abort case to reach the US Supreme Court. In the article, in which it calls pro-life pregnancy centers “fake clinics,” […]

ALL President Judie Brown Issues Statement on Harsh Red Rose Rescuer Sentence

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 16th, 2018)  – According to a breaking LifeSiteNews report, Michigan Judge Marc Barron sentenced five members of the pro-life group Red Rose Rescue to probation, fines, and community service. In addition, he ordered that they remain at least 500 feet away from any abortion mill in the United States. American Life League president […]

Freezing Children and Other Crimes against Humanity

By Judie Brown In vitro fertilization continues to grow in popularity as more and more women—married and otherwise—discover they are infertile. Whether infertility is due to a physical problem, or even to a previous abortion or the use of a birth control chemical, there is no doubt that IVF is almost always an alternative. But […]

Zoo Animals ‘R’ Not Us

By Judie Brown In Great Britain a zoo is using birth control for its animal residents because of a deadly outbreak of tuberculosis and because of concerns about overcrowding in the zoo. In Waco, Texas, according to the Waco-Tribune Herald, the executive director from the Animal Birth Control Clinic “said the community spay-neuter effort is […]