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Beauty Comes from Within: What One Exceptional Musician Teaches Us about God’s Gift of Life

By Mary Kizior Opera fans and music lovers alike can appreciate the honey tones and moving dynamics of this German baritone’s voice as he sings “Song to the Evening Star” from Wagner’s Tannhauser. Those who commented on this YouTube video used words like “sublime,” “magnificent,” and “flawless” to describe his rendition of this aria. Some of […]

The Individual Faces That Society Denies

By Judie Brown Recent reports have underscored the reality of people’s beliefs regarding abortion in today’s society. We are confronting a moral crisis that Father Thomas Weinandy defined perfectly when he said that abortion is evil and always will be evil because it is “contrary to what it means to be truly human”! Think about […]

Pro-Life This Week – July 20, 2018

FIGHT PLANNED PARENTHOOD You can help save a life today! Make a difference and give light to the darkness. DONATE Week in Review – Phony website; Good news in Virginia; Title X victory; and HR 681. The anti-life forces have created a phony website. The website is made to look like one of a government agency—the […]


‘Humanae Vitae’ Has Detractors and Deceivers

It is astounding that 50 years after the public release of Pope Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae there are still so many people who misrepresent this beautiful teaching in order to advance their bogus agenda. For example, the National Catholic Reporter recently published an article entitled “Humanae Vitae’s Ban on Contraception Causes Suffering.” The article defends dissent from the teaching of the […]

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Written on the Heart

Isn’t it tragic to hear reports about the variety of sexual abuse stories in the media these days? Whether it is a Hollywood mogul or a physician, the stories just keep piling up! Perhaps the worst part of all this is that it extends far beyond men and women in everyday life. This problem bubbles up all the way into the […]

Politics and Reverence for Human Beings

Recent rants about the latest Supreme Court nominee and his alleged position on overturning Roe v. Wade have really gotten under my skin. The statements of the pro-aborts are hyperbole at its best, designed to instill fear based on falsehoods.  So what are the facts? To effectively deconstruct Roe v. Wade and its companion decision Doe v. Bolton, it would be necessary for the […]