All of These Things She Held in Her Heart: One Mother’s Story of Miscarriage

By Catherine Daub We lost a little baby last month. Lucy Agnes. She was only five weeks and five days old, although I was 10 weeks pregnant. I don’t usually share when it comes to miscarriage. I think many of us don’t. But this time I feel compelled to do so. As we all have […]


Repudiating the Truth

By Judie Brown Selling abortion has reached a new low in America. Long ago these pro-death zealots repudiated the fundamental scientific truth documented in the Carnegie Stages of human development that a person exists from his biological beginning onward. But these days their tactics are so contemptible that one wonders how comatose the general population […]

politics and medicine

Stop Politicians from Practicing Medicine!

By Elizabeth Wickham, PhD On Saturday June 9, 2018, a courageous and holy bishop celebrated his 95th birthday. How could we forget that three years ago we were graced with his presence at our Raleigh workshop on palliative care entitled Restoring Traditional Medicine? Bishop Emeritus Rene Henry Gracida gave the keynote presentation entitled The Cultural […]

Pro-Life This Week – August 24, 2018

FIGHT PLANNED PARENTHOOD You can help save a life today! Make a difference and give light to the darkness. DONATE Week in Review – Abortions on campus, PP funding, Reading (PA), and Kavanaugh The California legislature passed a bill this week that would turn every campus of the University of California and the California State […]


Catholic Scandals and the Cross

By Judie Brown So much is being written these days about the sexual misconduct of ordained Catholic priests, including Cardinal McCarrick, that we hardly need to concentrate on this further. Furthermore, we understand the problem of homosexuality in the priesthood, but we also know that the vast majority of priests are good men who try […]

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Planned Parenthood Employees’ Perverted Thought Process

By Jim Sedlak We have fought Planned Parenthood for 30 years, and you might expect that there is nothing this organization could do that would surprise us. But, this is an organization that somehow gets into the minds of its employees, and its people simply do not think like the rest of us. One thing […]