From Dawn to Twilight

People Come in All Shapes and Sizes

By Susan Ciancio How do we teach our children to be kind and to treat others well? They must see us treating others well. We have to exhibit kindness. They must hear us talking kindly about—and to—others. They must see us performing acts of kindness with a generous and loving heart. We not only need […]

Child Martyrs Can Show Bishops the Way

By Judie Brown Stories of the bravery of saints can motivate Catholic bishops to do wonderful things for their flock and for the world. For instance, there is an amazing story of an 11-year-old Chinese girl named Li who, during the Boxer Rebellion of 1900, was praying unnoticed in the back of a Catholic Church […]

A Man Named Joe

By Judie Brown Joe Scheidler—husband, father, grandfather, and all-around amazing man—has gone on to his reward, but we are happy to share with you our memories about this gentle giant who saved so many babies and expectant mothers from the claws of abortionists. On Monday, January 18, 2021, our dear friend Joe Scheidler died at […]

Pro-Life This Week – July 9, 2021

Week in Review – Threats against our children continue to grow in schools Those individuals and organizations that want to fundamentally change the Christian nature of the United States are always looking at ways to indoctrinate our school-age children in their warped, satanic philosophies. Developments over the July 4th weekend have again revealed that the anti-God, […]

Jab: A COVID Vaccine Train Wreck

By Judie Brown Pro-life Americans have been laser focused on the morally questionable development of the various COVID-19 vaccines, all of which employ aborted baby cells either in their development, their manufacturing, or both. Further, the COVID-19 vaccines have not been approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration, but rather have been given the […]

California’s Love Affair with Planned Parenthood

By Jim Sedlak STOPP has pointed out for years that Planned Parenthood has more medical centers in California than in any other state. Currently, it operates 109 centers, and that number is increasing. One of the primary reasons for all these centers is that the state of California has several taxpayer-funded programs that funnel money […]