Governor Murphy’s Anti-Christian Decision Sparks Holy Week Outcry

Lives Taken Too Early

By Zac Niebrugge, grade 8 Even when a life is taken too early, in God’s will, it can bring a promising joy. When lives are taken too early, against God’s will, it can only bring sorrow. This is the story of a life that was taken too early, but according to God’s will. This story is […]

Pro-Life This Week – November 8, 2019

Week in Review – Trial update; MBW update The civil jury trial, in San Francisco, of the founders of the Center for Medical Progress and its undercover journalists who documented Planned Parenthood’s baby body parts business is expected to wrap up next week. Things are looking bleak. This week, we received communications from law firms […]

Truth Has a Diabolical Enemy

By Judie Brown Throughout history we have seen that the devious works of the devil challenge those who are faithful to Christ. During this current age, it is no different. Pope Paul VI said in 1977 that “the tail of the devil is functioning in the disintegration of the Catholic world. The darkness of Satan […]

Human Opinions and Detractors

By An Anonymous Priest When Jesus went into the house of Zacchaeus, many people complained at his association with a sinner. He has gone to stay at a sinner’s house! Meanwhile, the Lord responded to the conversion of Zacchaeus with some of the most beautiful words of the Gospels: “Today, salvation has come to this […]

Build a Culture of Life in November

How Will You Build the Culture of Life in November?   Wear Pro-Life Gear Looking for an easy way to show your support for life while looking stylish and keeping warm? Try one of our hoodies!   November 5: The Feast of Elizabeth and Zechariah This feast day reminds us to be persistent in prayer. John […]

Snaky Catholics

By Judie Brown Snaky: “insidious,” stealthy, or slithery These synonyms apply to two men who have a common interest in life: misrepresentation of the respect and honor due to the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Christ in Holy Communion. The two men who currently come to mind are former vice president Joe Biden and […]