Parent Power and a Blast from the Past

One Hell of a War

by: Michael Hichborn The shortest sermon I ever heard was given on the hottest day of summer. After the gospel, the priest wiped his brow with a cloth, stood at the podium for a moment, and said, “It’s hot out. But hell is damned hot!” At the start of every summer, as I engage in […]

The Pill Kills

by: Dr. Angela Lanfranchi This past April 13, reported that Bayer was going to pay at least $100 million to settle about 500 lawsuits regarding injuries and death connected with the use of its Yasmin line of birth control which includes Yasmin and Yaz. Maybe you’ve seen the ads on TV by lawyers looking […]

Persevering pro-lifers

by: Rey Flores As American Life League travels around the country, we see and meet more and more people committed to the pro-life movement than ever before. Though it has been a long time coming and millions of lives have been lost, there have been countless dedicated pro-life warriors chipping away at the stone of […]

‘October Baby’: The little movie that could

by: Doug Bean When brothers Jon and Andrew “Andy” Erwin decided, several years ago, to make a motion picture about an abortion survivor, as seen through the victim’s eyes, they had no idea where the journey would lead. Though the Dove Award-winning music video directors/producers had extensive experience in the entertainment industry, they had never made a feature-length […]

Georgetown Scandal – Take Action!

Catholic universities have an obligation to uphold and revere the teachings of Christ and His Church—and to instruct others how to do the same. When a high-ranking member of the government—who claims to be Catholic but does not follow the teachings of the Church—is thrust upon students, there must be an outcry. Georgetown University has […]

A Response to Recent Attacks on Catholic Teaching

by: Rob Gasper The National Catholic Reporter (NCR), to put it charitably, is well known for its independent spirit and progressive leanings.  According to NCR’s mission statement, “NCR is the only significant alternative Catholic voice that provides avenues for expression of diverse perspectives, promoting tolerance and respect for differing ideas.”  Furthermore, for twelve years running, the National Catholic […]