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Prepare Your Family for Christmas!

Today is the first day of December. We made it through Thanksgiving and are now preparing for Christmas. The first Sunday of Advent is this weekend and Christmas decorations are appearing on homes (I always look to see how many mangers are on the front lawns). It is our task to cut sales hype and, as the slogan says, keep Christ in Christmas.

Each year our Culture of Life Studies Program creates several resources to help parents share the pro-life message with their families. Listed below are several of those resources. We encourage you to make use of this information during the next four weeks. It will help you have a happy, holy, pro-life Christmas.

Dickens’ Pro-Life Christmas Classic

You may have seen the new film The Man Who Invented Christmas, the colorful tale of how Charles Dickens wrote the classic story A Christmas Carol. As portrayed in the movie, Dickens’ story had much to do with bringing the celebration of Christmas back to life. In Protestant England, celebration of feast days … read more

The Christmas Star

In this lesson, students learn about the importance of offering our lives in Jesus’ service. They also learn about the dignity of each person and how Jesus calls us to love one another as He loves us. Using Little Star, a delightful picture book about the smallest star who became the Christmas Star, students learn … read more

7 Christmas Movies with a Pro-Life Message

Every family has favorite Christmas movies that its members watch year after year. Because the birth of Christ is one of the most pro-life holidays of the year, it is important to recognize the gift of every human person at Christmas. Family movie night is a perfect way to teach your family that all human … read more

5 Must-Read Pro-Life Christmas Stories

With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and decorating it can be difficult to settle down and spend quality time as a family, particularly if you have little ones. One great way to spend time together is to read together. Here are some of our favorite life-affirming Christmas stories that are sure to … read more