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WSR: 2024-06-05

  • The RNC has a new advocate in Ed Martin! Read about his new role.
  • Planned Parenthood brags about “abortion doulas” and how they “help” women after an abortion.

“Defunding Planned Parenthood is what we need.” – Ed Martin

Every four years, the major political parties define their values by enacting a party platform that describes what exactly the party believes. This year, the Republican Party will meet in July in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the Democrat Party will meet in Chicago, Illinois, in August. What will their platforms look like? We shall see.

For over 30 years in America, one political party has remained pro-life, and the other has embraced death. However, the “pro-life party” can do even better, and we need this party to be a fearless leader for life.  

That party—the Republican Party—can do better especially when it comes to taking on Planned Parenthood. And so we are pleased to announce that Ed Martin, who just last year joined ALL to lead STOPP’s efforts, was appointed by the Trump for President campaign and the RNC as deputy policy director of the Platform Committee.

“Ed Martin is a warrior for life,” said Hugh Brown, ALL executive vice president. “We are excited that he will help fight for the pro-life cause and against Planned Parenthood in this important way.”

Please see the link below for more details.

(Ed’s role is advisory and unpaid, and he will continue his other work.)

By Katherine Van Dyke

In case you missed it, Rolling Stone magazine recently published an article covering the story of a woman who identifies as a transgender man and works as an abortion doula. In another attempt to normalize both abortion and transgenderism, Planned Parenthood was quick to repost this story on its X account last week. However, this story has received an ample amount of backlash due to both the article and Planned Parenthood’s statement referencing the article, which says: “Meet Ash Williams, a trans abortion doula redefining reproductive support. After experiencing a lack of care during his own abortion, Ash now provides holistic, compassionate care to those choosing not to remain pregnant.” 

The first oxymoronic notion in this story is that an “abortion doula” has anything to do with offering “compassionate care.” As opposed to doulas who provide support to mothers before, during, and after giving birth to their babies, abortion doulas “assist” in the murder of a preborn child. Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest lists the definition for the “profession” on its website

An abortion doula provides physical and emotional support to a patient during their abortion process. It’s an added level of care outside of the actual medical care where providers are attuning to whatever the patients’ needs are, to make them as comfortable as possible during the process. . . . And then there’s also the trauma-informed care piece and emotional support that comes along with abortion doula work.

Planned Parenthood’s attempt to downplay the reality of abortion by endorsing abortion doulas is further perpetuated in this unbelievable story. The woman named Ash Williams is described in the article as “support[ing] patients who choose to not remain pregnant.” Using deceptive language tactics like Planned Parenthood does, the author of the article fails to call abortion what it is: the intentional murder of a preborn baby. The author even admitted in the article to sharing her recent abortion story with Williams, who makes a disturbing statement about abortion and birth: “Abortion and birth often get siloed, and we’ve been made to think that these things are a binary, but they’re really not. For me, abortion is a type of birth.” After experiencing an abortion herself before becoming an “abortion doula,” Williams says that she wants to encourage and “help” others get abortions.

However, Williams does not believe that women are the only ones to get abortions. Since Williams identifies as a “trans man,” both Williams and the author of the article try to normalize that men “can have abortions” too. This crazy notion that men can become pregnant and therefore get abortions is both mindboggling and diabolical. Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee, was quick to bring attention to the irony of this notion coming from abortion supporters and abortionists themselves: “We went so quickly from ‘no uterus, no opinion’ to ‘men need abortions, too.’” 

The article and Planned Parenthood’s post appear to have inspired numerous reactions of shock and justified anger all over the Internet for its ridiculous claims. But if a society continues to normalize the destruction of innocent life, created by God, within the womb, it is not surprising that it will also seek to deny and destroy God’s intentional design of both men and women.

Because so many of you asked for it, we have just created a new express email address so you can easily get in touch with us at STOPP. Over the past few months, we have found that people had questions, comments, and other information that they wanted to relay to us.  

The email address will be monitored 24 HOUR A DAY. If you have any questions or tips for us, please send them to

Momentum is building in the fight against Planned Parenthood. In the past three weeks alone we have had four different local pro-lifers contact us so we could begin a plan for working together. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us about getting Planned Parenthood out of your town. We must keep building our army of informed citizens.

Planned Parenthood is an enemy of life, and we need to fight back. I hope to hear from you.