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WSR: 2024-04-24

By Ed Martin

Planned Parenthood released its 2022-2023 annual report last week, and the numbers have hit both record-breaking highs and lows this year. The theme circulating throughout the report claims that Planned Parenthood went “Above & Beyond” for its clients with 9.13 million services this past year, as letters of gratitude for the abortion giant from its clients fill the pages of the report. After a closer review, STOPP International is calling out Planned Parenthood’s lack of transparency in reporting, as numbers are not matching the other data it included. While its “services” and its patient numbers continue to decline, Planned Parenthood’s abortions numbers are the highest they’ve ever been, and the organization has received $2 billion dollars in revenue this past year. 

What is certain is that Planned Parenthood has gone above and beyond to ensure that its deadly business grows financially, receiving a total of $1,906,700,000 in revenue, an 8% increase from last year. Approximately $699,300,000 of that revenue comes directly from taxpayer funds, a 4.3% increase from last year, while private contributions are up 44%, which includes MacKenzie Scott’s $275 million dollar donation to Planned Parenthood in March 2022. 

Planned Parenthood brags that it alone has killed 392,715 children with abortion, a staggering increase from last year’s recorded 374,155. However, Planned Parenthood did not specify if this number includes the number of preborn children killed through abortion pills, nor is there mention of abortion pills anywhere within the report, despite Planned Parenthood’s CEO’s recent claim that 70% of PP’s abortions are done via the abortion pill method. Planned Parenthood’s miscarriage care increased 36%. However, with such an ambiguous title and no details, it is hard to know what Planned Parenthood considers as “miscarriages” or “care.”

Planned Parenthood’s fully serviced telehealth numbers were last recorded at a high 553,149 in 2021-2022. However, this year the telehealth appointments were down to their lowest number yet at 123,855, a 78% decrease from last year. Only 13 of Planned Parenthood’s affiliates can legally provide telehealth visits for the abortion pill referrals specifically, and Planned Parenthood claims state bans are restricting physical access to abortion. If PP is limited in getting women to obtain abortions even by abortion pills, how did abortion numbers jump up to a new record high this year?

STOPP International recorded the major “services” Planned Parenthood offered in the past five years. According to the data Planned Parenthood provided, its services have decreased significantly in comparison to past years. Yet abortions are the highest they’ve ever been.

As the number of abortions and eight other “services” increased for Planned Parenthood this year, its patient services saw a 3.8% drop from last year’s, hitting almost exactly 2,000,000 patients—the lowest number of patients it has seen within at least the past decade.

While the number of patients and the other 16 services PP provides are down, this leads us to ask why Planned Parenthood needs more taxpayer funding as it continues to be a $2 billion dollar organization. If Planned Parenthood is limited in its physical and telehealth options to offer abortions and abortion pills, how has the number of abortions gone up? Do the abortion numbers even include abortion pills? As we ask these questions of the abortion giant, there appears to be one common answer to conclude from: Planned Parenthood’s annual report does not give a full picture of its year, except that it continues to grow richer at the expense of taking preborn children’s lives and deceiving women and men into believing they need the abortion giant’s “services.” 

We at STOPP continue to call out and expose Planned Parenthood as the deceiver it is, and we will do so for as long as it continues to exist. STOPP will go above and beyond to continue educating the public on Planned Parenthood so that we can stop it for good.