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WSR: 2024-03-13

  • Planned Parenthood is at it again, but thankfully The Center for Medical Progress is there to expose PP’s nefarious acts.
  • Planned Parenthood not only kills thousands of babies a day, but it is racist and treats its employees poorly. We explain.
  • Judie Brown just turned 80! We show you how you can wish her a happy birthday!

By Ed Martin

Just last week, The Center for Medical Progress released documents showing Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest’s agreement to supply body parts of aborted children to the University of California San Diego in exchange for ownership to “patents” and “intellectual property rights” conducted by the university with the aborted fetal parts. Through a series of email exchanges and the signed “Biological Material Transfer Agreement” that CMP received through a public record request, these documents also show that Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest has been providing “fetal and placental tissue” for “valuable consideration” to UC San Diego since 2009. 

CMP alleges that this exchange between PPPSW and UC San Diego is not only incredibly immoral but illegal due to federal law: “The transfer of any aborted human fetal tissue for ‘valuable consideration’ is a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison or a fine of up to $500,000 (42 U.S.C. 289g-2).” 

Not only did the parties settle on the transfer agreement of aborted baby parts, but CMP provided another document that proves Planned Parenthood Federation of America signed off on the request to continue the “research” transfers between PPPSW and UCSD.

An email exchange between PPPSW and UCSD in 2021 also proves the continued relationship between the two parties in recent years, with a $10,000 receipt to the university for sponsoring PPPSW’s anniversary celebration event.

David Daleiden, president and founder of CMP, spoke with CatholicVote last week and said, “These documents show that the whole time Planned Parenthood swore to Congress and the public they did not sell body parts, they were lying about active contracts like this one to sell aborted fetuses for massive financial value in violation of federal law.”

Daleiden attempted to get Planned Parenthood to respond to CMP’s latest report findings by tagging Planned Parenthood CEO, Alexis McGill Johnson, in a tweet containing the video with the findings. Not even a full day later, McGill Johnson removed her tagged name from Daleiden’s tweet, which also asked the question, “Could you please explain to the public what Planned Parenthood thinks a ‘proprietary’ aborted fetus is?” Planned Parenthood and UC San Diego have not commented on the public records released or the report from CMP at this time. 

While it is uncertain what will come of this shocking news, we certainly applaud The Center for Medical Progress for its investigative work and stand with its staff in calling out Planned Parenthood and UC San Diego for the trafficking of aborted babies’ body parts. We also encourage all of you to read and share CMP’s report and document findings, as the media has remained silent on this news.

Tragically, killing babies is big business in America, with hundreds of millions of dollars used to pay thousands of employees to kill millions of babies. This is no “mom and pop” operation. (Please pardon the tragic pun.)

STOPP routinely examines the many aspects of Planned Parenthood’s massive business. From the salaries of top officials to the spending on buildings and everything in between, we have seen that Planned Parenthood operates just like a large multinational corporation. Of course, this is no surprise since it is constantly seeking to increase the $800 million payments that it receives each year from the federal government. These tax dollars are added to hundreds of millions more from state and local governments. Follow the money. There is a lot!

Like most big corporations, Planned Parenthood spends millions on marketing and PR to define itself to the outside world. It claims that it “serves” the community and especially those “in need.” And it hides the evidence of tragedy and distracts with stories of healthcare screening. 

More and more, Planned Parenthood finds itself losing the battle to define who it is. You see, when Planned Parenthood says that it helps the poor and minorities, STOPP has shown that it actually targets black babies and that Planned Parenthood has admitted it had a racist founder and still engages in racist conduct today. 

Now comes news that Planned Parenthood also treats its employees poorly. In Milwaukee, Planned Parenthood employees have voted to start a union. The employees believe that they need protection from their employer. And they realize that the Planned Parenthood corporation has lots of money. No news on how labor unrest or a strike might disrupt the baby killing, but we can hope. 

It comes as no great consolation that Planned Parenthood faces problems like any other big corporation. Why? Because it’s troubled not about a product or good but is focused on killing.  

Last week, Judie Brown, ALL’s founder, celebrated her 80th birthday. The celebration included a gathering of Judie with her three children and her extended family. It was a joy-filled and fun celebration. If you haven’t had a chance to say a prayer of thanksgiving for Judie or to wish her well, please do so. If you would like to make a special gift to ALL in her honor today, we ask that you please give generously, as the fight rages on. And we will never stop until Americans are free from the scourge of Planned Parenthood!