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WSR: 2024-01-17

  • Planned Parenthood Annual Report on Killing COMING SOON! STOPP Is Ready
  • Planned Parenthood Seeks Our Children
  • ACTION STEP: Meet Us ALL in DC! (Or Pray for Us from Home!)

By Ed Martin

Each year, Planned Parenthood Federation of America is required to release an annual report. This report reveals how the organization spends its money and where it puts its focus. Over the years, we have found that the report reveals a lot about its strategies for killing babies.

The Planned Parenthood Annual Report for 2023 will come out in the next few months. And STOPP will be ready.

We will comb through this annual report to understand exactly how America’s biggest abortion killing machine is operating.

We will focus on the following questions this year:

First, is Planned Parenthood continuing its plan to close brick and mortar facilities? Where is it closing facilities? And where is it opening facilities? (Sadly, pro-death states like California and Illinois are adding facilities.)

Second, how is the chemical abortion movement progressing? We see more and more evidence that Planned Parenthood is using chemical abortion as well as gender transformative drugs. Can we tell how much the horrendous Biden policies about mailing drugs is impacting Planned Parenthood operations? (Think about this: Our tax dollars subsidize the Postal Service as it assists in Planned Parenthood’s killing!) 

Third, how is the Planned Parenthood propaganda machine working? Much of the effort of Planned Parenthood—by its own admission—has moved to digital and online to target young women especially. In addition, Planned Parenthood is spending its money to influence politics and universities.

Fourth, how is Planned Parenthood addressing its racist conduct? Planned Parenthood has admitted in recent years that it is racist and that it has mistreated its staff and others. It has also recognized that its founder, Margaret Sanger, was racist and that she targeted African Americans. Will Planned Parenthood reimburse African American communities for the killing? Perhaps Planned Parenthood should pay reparations.

STOPP knows that shining light on Planned Parenthood’s annual report will not only give us a roadmap to how it operates but will also uncover opportunities to slow its work and stop the killing.

Planned Parenthood is after our children again, and this time the organization is protesting a proposed bill in New Jersey that would protect children and teens under the age of 18 from accessing social media without parental consent.

In case you missed it, Live Action reported last week that Planned Parenthood Action Fund of New Jersey, the ACLU, and other pro-abortion groups have come out against New Jersey Bill A5750, which would require “age verification and parent or guardian consent for minor’s use of social media platform [and] prohibits certain messaging between adults and minors on social media platform[s].”

Democratic assemblyman Herb Conaway proposed the adoption of this bill in November 2023 with the intention of addressing the mental health crisis in the US among teenagers and children. Conaway said, “Everyone in our country should be alarmed in the rising prevalence of mental illness among our children. Much of it can be laid at the feet of social media.” 

The bill seeks to enforce the protection of minors from social media in the following ways: 

The bill prohibits a social media company from permitting a New Jersey resident who is a minor to be an account holder on the social media company’s social media platform unless the minor has obtained the express consent of a parent or guardian. To provide express consent, the parent or guardian of a minor is required to provide the parent or guardian’s government-issued identification and credit card information to the social media company and consent to a fee of not more than 35 cents to be charged to the credit card provided. . . . 

The bill requires a social media company, for a social media platform account held by a New Jersey minor account holder, to: (1) prohibit direct messaging between the account and any other adult user that is not linked to the account through adding on the social media platform; and (2) not collect or use any personal information from the posts, content, messages, text, or usage activities of the account other than information that is necessary to comply with, and to verify compliance with, State or federal law, which information includes a parent or guardian’s name, a birth date, and any other information required to be submitted to provide express consent.

The bill seeks to enforce the protection of minors from social media in the following ways: 

Planned Parenthood Action Fund of New Jersey has condemned this bill and said it is a threat to the privacy of teenagers and children who identify with the LGBTQ+ lifestyle. Planned Parenthood and 49 other organizations penned a letter on January 4, 2024, asking New Jersey lawmakers to vote no on the adoption of Bill A5750. It is extremely apparent that Planned Parenthood’s top concerns have less to do with data privacy and more to do with minors not having access to its perverted “education” on abortion, contraception, and LGBTQ+ lifestyles, which can be seen in its second and third reasons to oppose the bill:

LGBTQ+ youth who may not have supportive parents or guardians may be cut off from access to mental health support, community, and information regarding their health, resources which have been proven to be critical for many in the LGBTQ+ community. 

Patients seeking reproductive healthcare may want to be anonymous when seeking out health care organizations, information and resources, which often happens on social media platforms.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund of New Jersey addressed its disapproval for similar bills in a January 4 press release: “Similar laws or proposed bills across the country are being supported by anti-LGBTQ groups, like Focus on the Family, that do not reflect New Jersey’s values. Do New Jersey legislators really want our state to follow the path of Utah, Arkansas and Focus on the Family?”

New Jersey state lawmakers still need to vote on this bill, so STOPP encourages residents of New Jersey to voice their concerns and support of Bill A5750 by contacting their representatives by phone or email.

American Life League executive vice president Hugh Brown will lead the ALL team this week as we attend the March for Life, the accompanying Expo, and support the honorees at this year’s Rose Dinner for Life. We will participate starting today through Friday, January 19.

ALL will have a special booth at the Expo for Life. We will distribute our material and interact with attendees. STOPP will distribute our CEO report and help pro-lifers plan for local activities to stop Planned Parenthood.

Since the Dobbs decision in June 2022, the March for Life has changed. Its major focus is not on reversing Roe v. Wade. Instead, we are hearing more and more about how we must build and support the culture of life. This is right where ALL has been for decades, and we are pleased to offer our expertise and assistance.

Hugh Brown will lead ALL and others on Friday as we march for life, and he and STOPP executive director Ed Martin will attend the Rose dinner on Friday evening.

Stop by if you are in Washington, DC. And please keep all of us in your prayers.