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WSR: 2023-11-29

  • PP in Minnesota uses abortion pills as it preys on young women.
  • PP has claimed more diversity, but women and people of color are still paid less.
  • We need your help to spread the word!

By Katherine Van Dyke

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood has only increased its fight for the culture of death through various methods in state-by-state battles. While lawmakers continue to either uphold abortion completely or allow the killing of preborn children up to a certain point in their development through “heartbeat laws,” Planned Parenthood has continued to capitalize on other means of providing abortion. 

On November 16, 2023, The Free Press, a newspaper outlet in Mankato, Minnesota, reported that Planned Parenthood opened a new facility in Mankato “with plans to add medication abortions among its expanded services.” 

Medication abortions is just a softer term to classify the killing of preborn babies through the abortion pill regimen. The regimen consists of taking two pills—mifepristone and misoprostol—or now solely taking misoprostol, with the intent of ending a preborn baby’s life. Since the abortion pill regimen can be taken up to 11 weeks gestation, many of these state restrictions on abortion compel women to just seek out the abortion pill early on in their pregnancies from providers like Planned Parenthood, who is reaping the monetary “benefits.” 

While Planned Parenthood is certainly not the only organization promoting and providing abortion pills, they are working vigorously to ensure that they can continue to profit from abortion in this way and have been doing so since the overturning of Roe. The newspaper article goes on to say that “the use of medicines to bring about an abortion weren’t previously available in Mankato” and that “Mankato’s site, which had about 2,400 patients in its 2023 fiscal year, joins Planned Parenthood clinics in Brooklyn Park, Minneapolis and Rochester in either adding or expanding medication abortion services.” This means that Planned Parenthood is carefully planning out not only what they need to provide to vulnerable women (the abortion pills), but where they can provide it. 

It is not a new strategy for Planned Parenthood to open facilities near college campuses and in low-income environments. However, the article does direct the reader to their point that the new facility is located right near a university. Though the writer of the article states this fact as a positive for young women to have health access even without insurance, we know that wherever Planned Parenthood is present, babies die and women are taken advantage of in their various circumstances.

The Free Press article also mentions Planned Parenthood’s strategy to place this facility in Mankato so they can offer abortions to those in bordering states who have more abortion restrictions. The Mankato facility is an expansion of 15other Planned Parenthood facilities in the state of Minnesota. Minnesota is one of the states without any abortion restrictions, and because of its complete legality there, Planned Parenthood is having a field day with expanding their facilities in various regions of the state. PP North Central States’ CEO, Ruth Richardson, made the following statement on one of their reasons for opening the new facility in Mankato: “One result of states’ responses to the Supreme Court . . . has been an influx of patients traveling from out of state to Minnesota for abortion care. The development influenced Planned Parenthood’s expansion in Mankato and elsewhere in the state.”

Richardson’s statement shows that Planned Parenthood isn’t going anywhere, and this is not just the case for them in Minnesota. They will use whatever means they can to keep abortion accessible and to keep their presence known throughout the country. 

Planned Parenthood remains crafty and relevant with their approach to lure vulnerable women in crisis to their “services.” They have stayed on high alert to the state’s regulations so that they can work around these laws. They continue to make their blood money through medical and chemical abortions and through providing other services that attack the dignity of the human person (hormonal treatments and contraception). This example in Mankato serves as a serious reminder to all pro-lifers that the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has not deterred the largest abortion provider from working vigorously in their efforts to expand abortion.

However, we at STOPP have also not given up in our attempt to shut down every Planned Parenthood operation in existence through our works and prayers. We must stay vigilant for the glory of God and for the protection of human life and can only do so with God’s grace and strength. 

For months now, we have been inundated with media requests about the Planned Parenthood CEO report that we published earlier this year. The media wants to know exactly how Planned Parenthood gets away with paying male CEOs more than their female CEOs. The media asks about the racism at Planned Parenthood—that black CEOs are paid less than others. Members of the US Congress have requested the CEO report. The report has been a HUGE success and has driven awareness about Planned Parenthood. We are rightly proud.

Now comes news that Planned Parenthood has responded to our report. Maybe it’s more accurate to write that at the least Planned Parenthood’s actions seem to indicate they heard us: They announced a new CEO hire that they tout as addressing their issues. 

Atlanta is one of America’s growing cities with lots happening—with a growing music and film industry, well-known professional sports, and big business. In light of all this, you would think that the CEO of the Planned Parenthood in Atlanta is a high-salaried and important post for the abortionists. It surely is.

And the announcement of the new CEO was loud and bold: The new CEO of the Planned Parenthood based in Atlanta is NOT a woman but a “they.” Seriously, Planned Parenthood announced that the new CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast (based in Atlanta) is not a woman but a non-binary human who is both “queer and black.” 

Planned Parenthood made a big deal about this hire. But did they hire the best or check the boxes? It looks like a diversity hire since Planned Parenthood has a recent history of both racism and mistreatment of women.

A brief review is in order:

  • This past fall, STOPP began our run of success by highlighting how Planned Parenthood paid lower salaries to women than to men. The STOPP CEO report revealed that two of the top salaries were given to men and that minorities were absent from the top tier salaries. 
  • As to racism, remember that it was a Planned Parenthood board member in New York who said, “The removal of Margaret Sanger’s name from our building is both a necessary and overdue step to reckon with our legacy and acknowledge Planned Parenthood’s contributions to historical reproductive harm within communities of color.” 

Planned Parenthood Southeast’s board chairman Evelyn Reynolds said this in talking about the new CEO: “Through their work at Planned Parenthood and as a small business owner creating innovative social impact strategies, Carol’s experience as a leader fighting for women, girls, trans folx, and gender-expansive people is exactly what PPSE and the reproductive health movement need.”

This is not entirely surprising because Planned Parenthood has identified that another revenue stream for payments from the government and private insurance, as well as fundraising, is gender-transition “care.” Last spring, in a tweet, they talked about how important it is to make it “not just about abortion.”

One more detail on this new CEO: They may be checking boxes, but it’s the same old, same old as to political affiliation. The new CEO worked at the DC swamp Planned Parenthood national headquarters and as a senior Hillary Clinton campaign staffer.

Please assist our efforts with these two action items: First, please help us spread the word! Please forward this Wednesday STOPP Report to others and ask them to sign up to receive our reports. We are spreading the word about Planned Parenthood, and we are getting lots of attention. We need to build our grassroots network to spread the word AND to focus on Planned Parenthood clinics in our local communities. 

Second, please consider supporting STOPP in your end-of-the-year giving. This has been a hard year for us as we move forward after the loss of Jim Sedlak. We need your help as we relentlessly push to hold Planned Parenthood accountable! There is no organization like American Life League and the STOPP effort. We are grateful for your support.