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WSR: 2023-11-15

  • More Dead in Ohio: Planned Parenthood Deception and Big Buck Wins the Election
  • Budget Negotiations Theater in DC
  • Call to Action
  • A Word of Thanks

By Ed Martin

The election results in Ohio last week were deadly with pro-abortion forces carrying the election by a margin of 57-43 percent. Too few Ohioans understood what the impact of the proposition would be, and the law will now allow more babies to be killed. Pro-life forces were outspent and lost the messaging battles over and over again. It is terribly sad.

All of these doom and gloom statements are true. And it’s tragic. But it’s not the whole truth. Ohioans are not suddenly pro-abortion based on this vote because this vote was a deception. 

Ohioans were subjected to a massive spending and deception campaign. In every media—from TV to radio to digital—Ohioans were inundated with messaging that was designed to distract from abortion and motivate voters.  They were told the vote was about healthcare access and health services. They were told that the vote was about freedom and control. Voters were even told that this vote would help the economy and jobs because businesses would want to be in Ohio.

Ohioans were not told the one bold truth: It was all about abortion and the big money industry that benefits from abortion. 

How do we know? Follow the money.

The truth about Ohio is that it once again shows the power of the pro-abortion forces, especially Planned Parenthood. They raised and spent over $100 million. This included reported money spent on ads and voter contact as well as millions of dollars of soft money used to turn out the vote from groups like the Soros network. And of course the mainstream media carried the pro-abortion messaging even when it was not advertised. All in all, it’s big money spent because there is big money to be made.

On the pro-life side, the likely total spending was about $25 million. That’s an almost impossible balance. We can, and should, bemoan the lack of support from pro-lifers to fight this battle. We should especially ask why our religious leaders don’t engage in the fight more completely.  

However, we should not forget one aspect of the Planned Parenthood forces and their financial onslaught: They are using money from our taxes. They are also shaking down woke corporations and relying on nonprofit groups.

Among the opportunities that arise from Ohio are those that include our growing demand for transparency in spending. And we must demand for defunding by elected officials: No more tax dollars for Planned Parenthood. Corporations who want to receive support from pro-lifers should be challenged to stop funding Planned Parenthood. Congress and state attorneys general should investigate the nonprofits that are engaged in these efforts. STOPP assists all these efforts.

Don’t forget: When faced with the truth and the beauty of life, our fellow Americans choose life. We must work hard to make this clear, as we fight for a culture of life and faith. And we have to fight the enemy wherever we find it. In this case, it’s Planned Parenthood who is deceiving we the people.

Can leaders ever really cut government spending? We the people will be forgiven if we fear the answer is always a resounding “no.”

As we watch the coverage of the US Congress and President Biden negotiating about the colossal and wasteful budget, attention should be paid to what if anything they are actually willing to cut. There have been some good ideas floated—cutting massive subsidies for green projects, stopping massive foreign subsidies, and even cutting sex education funding that hurts our kids—but most of it seems like performance theater, meant to show something they never do and aided by a willing media.

And the silence on what really needs to be cut is deadly. Literally.

This is because Planned Parenthood receives nearly $800,000,000 of our federal tax dollars each year. This should be an obvious target for cuts.

This was highlighted in a recent letter from ALL executive vice president Hugh Brown to speaker Mike Johnson. In the letter, Hugh wrote:

I write today to highlight one aspect of your ongoing leadership that might provide a novel opportunity. Planned Parenthood of America receives almost $800,000,000 of our tax dollars each budget cycle. (To be clear, this does not include the taxpayer money that is sent to overseas organizations that end up helping Planned Parenthood International.)

Defunding Planned Parenthood should be a priority at every level of government. Too often, states and local communities fall victim to the propaganda campaign that says that Planned Parenthood is a good because it provides other services—so they give this organization tax dollars or tax breaks. But Planned Parenthood is lying about its priorities, and it literally destroys children. That is why we must stand up and DEFUND Planned Parenthood.

At ALL headquarters recently, a number of staff gathered to talk about upcoming STOPP initiatives. After the great success of our recent Planned Parenthood CEO compensation report, we strategized about how to use the Planned Parenthood facilities report and plotted to expose Planned Parenthood when it releases its annual report.

At one point, one of our team stopped our conversation with this observation: Jim Sedlak and Rita Diller often reminded us about the power of prayer in all of these STOPP efforts. It’s a spiritual battle against the evil of abortion and we must always use our spiritual weapons: prayer, the rosary, and the power of the Lord! 

What a great reminder for us all.

This WSR Call to Action is to ask you to join us in prayer to stop Planned Parenthood. If you can visit a clinic or Planned Parenthood office and stand in front of it in prayer, please do. We are asked by our Lord to be intentional in our prayers, so please join us in this prayer: 

Loving God, please stop the killing by Planned Parenthood. Please stop its growing financial empire that seeks to kill the babies of America and the world. Please expose its evil deeds to the American people and excite all of Your children to help stop Planned Parenthood. We know and love You, Lord, and we love all of Your people, especially the babies.

Next week, America will celebrate Thanksgiving. Many of us will gather with our families and spend time remembering the blessings of our Lord for each of us.

I ask you to join me in a special prayer of thanksgiving for the life and work of the late Jim Sedlak. As I have studied his work and read his writings, I have come to realize the power of his faith in the Lord and his willingness to fight against Planned Parenthood. What a body of work and what a life well led! 

Thank you, Jim, and pray for us.