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WSR: 2023-11-01

  • A ‘Humanitarian’ Award for Killing? Maybe Next a Nobel Prize for Murder
  • Texas Versus Planned Parenthood: Update in the Ongoing False Claims Act against Planned Parenthood
  • STOPP Call to Action
  • A Final Word of Encouragement

By Ed Martin

The Wednesday STOPP Report is back!

During our brief hiatus, we have been active and readying our fight. Please enjoy this report and please read all the way to the end. We have a Call to Action and a special All Saints’ Day offer.

As always, please support STOPP with your contribution.

We start off this report with a thought experiment: 

Imagine that you plan to give an award. You decide to give it to someone who has excelled at humanitarian work—someone who feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, and loves his fellow man. But after all this, you decide that the best “humanitarian” is someone who kills for a living. Seriously. Someone who aborts babies.

This is exactly what the European Union is doing. According to Liberty Nation:

“Dr. Colleen McNicholas, the chief medical officer for the St. Louis branch of Planned Parenthood, is among three finalists selected from across the world for the European Union’s top human rights prize,” The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Oct. 18. “McNicholas, Justyna Wydrzyńska, of Poland, and Morena Herrera, of El Salvador, were jointly nominated as ‘women fighting for free, safe and legal abortion.’”

This is especially cruel because the St. Louis-area physician was forced to stop abortions in Missouri. STOPP has monitored (and supported) many of the efforts in the Midwest that have aimed to close abortion clinics. This includes Missouri, which rightly claims the “first-in-the-nation” status for states banning abortion. In a recent meeting, I heard again the true story of the “Missouri miracle” of closing the last Missouri abortion clinic—the large Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Louis where Dr. McNicholas worked.

Unfortunately, evil doesn’t disappear when it’s forced to move. And when the St. Louis Planned Parenthood clinic closed, its inhabitants moved a few miles away—across the river to Illinois where the killing fields are wide open.

We find it despicable that this physician who proudly moved from St. Louis to southern Illinois to continue abortions has been nominated for a humanitarian award.

(I almost don’t want to encourage it, but you can find out more here.)

The good news is that we can see clearly that the European Union and its values are completely opposed to life. The EU, like the United Nations and other globalist organizations, has often made public pronouncements about values that we all consider meaningful. They talk of peace, they talk of opportunity for all, and they talk of the rule of law.

But their hearts are dark, and they want to force their “values” on all of Europe and all of the world. We resist. 

Maybe we will start our own award and call it the STOPP Inhumanitarian Award. We can nominate the same murderous doctors that the EU has.

Until then, let us pray for all those who are involved in these terrible humanitarian efforts. May God convert them and forgive them. 

By Katherine Van Dyke

Planned Parenthood made national headlines again this past week for its ongoing legal battle with an anonymous Doe and the state of Texas. US District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk of Texas, who ordered a halt on the approval of the abortion drug Mifepristone back in April 2023, ruled that Planned Parenthood will now have to undergo an official trial set for April 2024, following the Medicaid fraud accusations brought against the organization by the Lone Star State.

STOPP reviewed the opinion and order released on October 23, 2023, by Judge Kacsmaryk. It contains the basis for the lawsuit against Planned Parenthood Federation of America. After the Center for Medical Progress’ 2015 undercover videos exposed Planned Parenthood providers for their discussions on selling aborted baby parts for “medical research,”an investigation into the abortion organization was conducted by the Department of Justice and the states of Texas and Louisiana. Following the investigation, both Texas and Louisiana notified Planned Parenthood that they would be terminating their Medicaid reimbursement agreements, giving time for Planned Parenthood to request an administrative appeal before their agreements were terminated. 

Planned Parenthood did not request an appeal, however, and Texas and an anonymous member of CMP allege that Planned Parenthood ignored the termination notices and continued to collect and not repay Medicaid reimbursements from Texas even after the deadline for them to appeal the termination of Medicaid agreements began.

Texas and an anonymous member of CMP then filed a lawsuit in 2021 to sue the US’ largest abortion provider for $1.8 billion dollars in Medicaid fraud damages. After nearly two years of back and forth, Judge Kacsmaryk ruled last Monday that Planned Parenthood would be required to face a formal trial.

To no surprise, Planned Parenthood was furious about this recent decision. Its spokespeople have termed it a “baseless case” and said, “The plaintiffs’ only goal in this case is to achieve their decades-long goal of shutting down Planned Parenthood to advance a political agenda. We will never back down, and we look forward to winning this case at trial.”

Planned Parenthood’s Alexis McGill Johnson released this statement on Twitter/X: “This case shouldn’t have gotten this far. Instead of addressing the health crisis in Texas, politicians like Gov. Abbott & AG Paxton are obsessed with trying to shut down Planned Parenthood & taking away every last bit of Texans’ reproductive health care.”

Even with limitations to abortion in Texas, Planned Parenthood remains ruthless in its fight to murder preborn babies and expand its perverted sex “education” within schools and healthcare. Though reports are stating that Planned Parenthood affiliates of Texas could potentially go bankrupt, Planned Parenthood receives the funding and support that will certainly bring a counterattack from them, depending on the final verdict.

However, with the resilience and bravery of judges and lawmakers like Kacsmaryk, Texas is getting closer in its efforts to defund Planned Parenthood for its heinous and criminal activities. Rather than dismissing this case or giving PP a small fine without trial, a trial will hold the abortion giant accountable to face the judicial system for the alleged crimes against it.

While the discoveries and outcome of the trial will remain unknown for at least the next six months, should Texas become the first US state to defund and close Planned Parenthood, the other 49 states ought to take notes on remaining relentless in this fight against the abortion giant.

Because we can see what Planned Parenthood is doing, we must spread the word! 

​If the voters and the leaders knew what we know, they would understand the need to defund Planned Parenthood.

Our ​STOPP Planned Parenthood CEO report has received awesome attention. As we explain, Planned Parenthood leaders are getting rich running these killing fields. We have sent ​the report to federal and state legislators and made it available to media across the country.​

Here is a link to the report. And here is one great example of the attention our report has received. 

​But we still need your help. Spread the word about the CEO report and demand that our legislators at every level—federal, state, and local—defund Planned Parenthood. ​Be clear: Defund​ it here in America and its international efforts.

​In the next month or two, new House Speaker Mike Johnson will have the chance to lead the Defund Planned Parenthood movement. We need—and urge—him to act.

​Make a phone call to your legislator by using the US Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. Ask the operator to connect you to your representative or senator. 

You will be surprised at the impact of a phone call. Let’s go!

As I have settled in here at ALL and with STOPP, I cannot help but feel the immense blessing of all the support. And one of the biggest pillars of that support is the late Jim Sedlak. His work output was extraordinary, and since I have begun reviewing his methods and successes, I have been in constant awe. What a body of work!

I thank so many of you for your help and especially Jim’s wife Mike for her encouragement and for her effort to dig up The Ryan Report, which Jim began writing decades ago (it was a precursor to these WSRs). Also, the amazing Rita Diller has been so helpful; she is a great blessing.

As we move forward, we must find new opportunities to build on Jim’s work and on what he expected. Recently, I visited a pro-life leader in California. Our time together led to a phone call with about a dozen pro-life leaders during which we planned how to move forward and how we can all stop Planned Parenthood.

We will succeed! And we will need help from a lot of the saints in heaven and from Jim too. Please join us in praying for this work. Please reach out to me directly or anyone in our office.

In addition, you have just a few more hours to take advantage of the special sale of our pro-life saints education materials over at