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WSR: 2023-06-28

  • STOPP Is Still at the Forefront of Saving Lives, and the Horizon Is Bright with New Leadership
  • STOPP’s 2023 Report on Planned Parenthood CEO Compensation Headlines on FOX News and Multiple News Outlets
  • Call to Action: Stop Memorializing Planned Parenthood’s Racist Founder Margaret Sanger
  • ‘Dobbs’ Anniversary Brings Closure of 3 Iowa Planned Parenthood Facilities, Characterized as Abortion Expansion Plan

By Rita Diller

With this edition of the Wednesday STOPP Report, I say a fond farewell as I pass the leadership torch of one of the most influential pro-life organizations I have encountered in my decades-long pro-life journey—this lifeline organization known as STOPP—and extend an enthusiastic and hearty welcome to the soon-to-be-announced director of STOPP International. It has been a humbling blessing to step in as interim director of STOPP following the unexpected death of founder and pro-life icon Jim Sedlak in 2022. My tenure, borne out of the loss of our beloved founder, is now concluding on a bright note following our very successful 13-month search for STOPP’s next leader.

Allow me to brag about STOPP and American Life League. Speaking from my own life experiences, as a former card-carrying member of the radical pro-abortion group National Organization for Women, by the grace of God converted to a full-time pro-life leader, I can attest to the varied, critical roles STOPP plays in so many aspects of the fight to promote and protect the sanctity of human life. Quite simply, every day and in every way, STOPP saves lives and protects the innocence of children from the ravages of Planned Parenthood. Each child saved reverberates through eternity, as their children and their children’s children carry on their life’s work and the building of the kingdom of God.

I cut my pro-life teeth on factual, evidence- and faith-based educational materials provided by STOPP. My files at home and at work have been filled with articles that I saved over the years from ALL’s premier magazine, Celebrate Life MagazineCLM was and remains a treasure trove of truth and help for thousands and is used daily by them in their battles to promote and protect the sanctity of human life.

In the decades I spent volunteering and leading pregnancy help centers, we relied heavily on materials produced by STOPP and ALL to educate our staff and our clients. Those pamphlets, fact sheets, and videos helped save many, many babies whose mothers were abortion-bound when they walked through our doors. Today, you will still find excellent, updated ALL/STOPP materials inside hundreds of pregnancy help centers. 

As I began to assist Bishop John W. Yanta in leading the charge in the top 26 counties of Texas to expose the true agenda of Planned Parenthood, I relied on Jim Sedlak and STOPP to assist me with statisticseducational resourcesguest speakers, and eye-grabbing demon-propelling signs that we used outside the Planned Parenthood facilities to save the lives of babies. And the stories are legion about lives that were saved and the Planned Parenthood facilities that closed through prayers and signage outside Planned Parenthood facilities through the years, across the nation. Today, STOPP is still helping save precious lives across our nation.

There were 19 Planned Parenthood facilities in operation in the Texas Panhandle when Bishop Yanta began his tenure as bishop of the 26-county diocesan area, and 13 years after we began our truth-telling, fact-based campaign to expose Planned Parenthood, it had closed all but one of its facilities. That last surviving facility disassociated from Planned Parenthood. All those facilities remain closed, and because of that, babies are still being saved from abortion. 

Over the years, STOPP has developed a vast, detailed collection of statistics on Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its operations that reach back to PP’s very beginning, and our research and analyses have been recognized for decades as the gold standard successfully used by pro-life groups across the nation in fighting the abortion giant. 

Now God has sent us another goldmine in our upcoming director. With a long history of building up families and working tenaciously and boldly to expose the evil of abortion and Planned Parenthood nationwide, he is imminently qualified to lead STOPP into its next era.

Our heartfelt thank you to all who continue to support our vital ministry. STOPP is the only national organization dedicated solely to stopping the advance of Planned Parenthood and its evil agenda. Without your help and support, none of our work or successes would be possible.

Headlining on news outlets from FOX News to The Blaze and Red State, our 2023 Report on Planned Parenthood CEO Compensation is reaching hundreds of thousands of readers and stirring up lots of controversy directed toward the admittedly racist Planned Parenthood abortion cartel. 

Among many other findings, our report shows:

  • The average Planned Parenthood affiliate CEO is in the 98th percentile of US wage earners, making $317,564 annually, according to the latest data available at the time of our research. 
  • The highest paid affiliate CEO, a white woman, made $616,926. The lowest paid affiliate was one of only four black affiliate CEOs (out of 53). She was paid $124,045.
  • The average compensation for a CEO at Planned Parenthood increased 33.4% in five years. Compare that to the average wage for US workers, which increased only 15.6% in the same period.

FOX News coverage of our report quoted ALL’s communications director Katie Brown, who said, “The research revealed in the 2023 report from American Life League’s STOPP International makes it clear that the top salaries go to white executives.”

As noted in our report, the combined 2021 compensation for the top 13 PPFA employees was $5.48 million dollars—an average of $421,713 annually. Compare that to the income of Planned Parenthood’s targeted poverty-stricken customers. According to Planned Parenthood, “Nearly 70% live with incomes at or below 150% of the federal poverty level, the equivalent of $39,300 a year for a family of four.”

As Brown said in the FOX News report, “If there’s one thing that this report makes clear, it is proof that at Planned Parenthood, the rich get richer while the poor get abortions.”

The report on our research and analysis was released exclusively by FOX News on June 15. In the days that followed, it began to air on media outlets across the nation and worldwide, including The Blaze, Red State, LifeNews, LifeSiteNews, American Faith, Live Action News, Zero Hedge, The Epoch Times, and The Stream. 

American Life League researcher Katherine Van Dyke reflects on her recent disturbing discovery of a memorial glorifying Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger along Boston’s Freedom Trail and posits a call to action to eliminate this memorial and similar ones across the nation:

For many years, STOPP has been at the forefront of bringing attention to both the problematic leader of the birth-control movement, Margaret Sanger, and the present issue of honoring her as a hero in many public institutions. 

Students for Life of America launched an official “Strike Out Sanger” campaign on April 21, 2021, which called out current institutions for honoring Sanger as a champion of “freedom” for women and urged these places to remove any titles, statues, or exhibits that praised Sanger. 

Two days after SFLA launched their “Strike Out Sanger” campaign, the CEO of Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest, Darrah DiGiorgio Johnson, wrote a public statement on Planned Parenthood’s website regarding their relationship with their foundress. Johnson writes, “As we’re called upon to grapple with our 100-year history, we can no longer afford to reconcile Margaret Sanger’s legacy: We must reckon with it.”

One of the establishments that continues to honor Sanger today is the Old South Meeting House in Boston, Massachusetts. While recently exploring Boston’s Freedom Trail, I followed the trail into the Old South Meeting House, known famously for the several significant discussions that took place there leading up to the Revolutionary War, and where the eventual Boston Tea Party was formed. 

Revolutionary Spaces, the company that stewards the Meeting House, held an interactive program for a group of schoolchildren while I was touring the historic site. The children were joyfully participating in the program as they reenacted debates surrounding the topics of liberty and freedom, with half of them taking the side of Loyalists and the other half reciting scripts from famous Patriots.

As I looked around at the “Voices of Protest” exhibit, which was displayed directly behind the children, I was disturbed to see a statue and write-up honoring Margaret Sanger in this exhibit. The statue includes a “gagged” Sanger, memorializing the moment she taped her own mouth closed as a form of public protest to those who silenced her for her views on contraception. The information plaque states that Sanger’s “life’s mission was to legalize birth control.” Sanger’s ulterior motive, made clear through her own writing, actions, and affiliations, was clearly to extinguish the voices of people she found “unfit” for her vision of society, namely, the black community. Sanger was in fact a racist and eugenicist, something even Planned Parenthood has come to acknowledge in the past two years. The heart-wrenching irony was not lost on me when I saw the group of children, almost all of whom were non-white, on one side of the room, and a statue honoring one of the country’s greatest racists on the other side of the room.

Upon returning home, I immediately wrote to Revolutionary Spaces to share my disgust at the institution’s honoring of Sanger, and we are asking you to do the same. Whether it is by email, letters, or a phone call, we urge you to contact the institution and call for the removal of this statue within the Voices of Protest Exhibit. See the contact information below.

In my correspondence with Revolutionary Spaces, I reminded them that even Planned Parenthood eventually renamed its facility in NYC, as well as Margaret Sanger Square located outside their facility. 

I received a cordial response from the director of marketing and communications at Revolutionary Spaces on June 25, thanking me for voicing my concerns and saying that my concerns are shared by them, and they recognize that the statue is problematic. “Plans to change out this exhibit have been delayed due to the pandemic but please know that this is on our agenda to be replaced as soon as enough funding is available,” the reply said. 

We are glad that they know and understand this, but removing the statue should not require a great deal of funding, and hearing from people across the nation may give them some impetus to find funding to cure this problem permanently right away. Please encourage them to find discretionary funding or seek other funding to remove this statue immediately. Here is the contact information:

Revolutionary Spaces
310 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02108

617-720-1713 or

Message: Please remove the “Voices of Protest” exhibit honoring racist and eugenicist Margaret Sanger immediately!

Feel free to copy and paste or write your own message. If you receive a response from any of these organizations, please notify us by contacting

In the wake of the first anniversary of the US Supreme Court Dobbs decision that negated the supposed constitutional right to abortion and has caused many challenges and great upheaval in Planned Parenthood’s business, Planned Parenthood North Central States announced its decision to permanently shutter three of its nine facilities in Iowa. 

The facilities closing are Council Bluffs, the Rosenfield location in Des Moines, and the Cedar Falls facility, which had been temporarily closed for some time. In an attempt to expand the abortion business of Planned Parenthood in the wake of the failure of these centers, staff and resources from the newly closed facilities will be shuffled to some of the facilities that will remain open. 

According to news reports, the closures were due to lack of staff and money and “the fluid nature of abortion laws in Iowa.” SW Iowa News reports that Planned Parenthood revealed in a news conference that Iowa abortions have decreased by 13% in the past year. At the same time, PP claims that they are seeing double the number of people from other states to their locations in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota—the areas covered by PPNCS. 

Planned Parenthood’s abortion expansion plan will add surgical abortions in Cedar Rapids and Ames and the abortion pill at the Cedar Rapids facility and the Des Moines Knapp Health Center, which Planned Parenthood points out is near Drake University. University-aged women are a prime target for Planned Parenthood. Over half of all abortions in the US are now the result of abortion pills.