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WSR: 2023-05-31

  • STOPP to Release 2023 Report on Planned Parenthood CEO Compensation Showing Exorbitant Executive Salaries and Racial Disparity
  • Bending Under Internal Stress, PPFA Axes Staff and Channels Money to Preserve Abortion
  • Victory: Pro-Life Waco Shuts Down PP’s Latest Attempt at a Community-Based Sex Program Before It Hits the Ground

By Rita Diller

STOPP is poised to release our latest research report detailing the ever-rising exorbitant compensation of Planned Parenthood CEOs compared to the average US worker. It provides detailed statistics that will be very useful in pro-life efforts to expose the abortion giant in local, state, and national battles.

The breaking report is based on the latest information available as of March 2023. Here is a brief preview of a few of our eye-opening findings.

Planned Parenthood affiliates

  • The average compensation for a CEO at Planned Parenthood rose from $237,999 in 2015 to $317,564 in 2020 (a 33.4% increase in five years). Compare that to the average wage for US workers in 2020, which was $55,629—a 15.6% increase in five years.
  • The total compensation paid to all Planned Parenthood affiliate CEOs increased from $13.3 million in 2015 to $16.8 million in 2020—a 26.3% increase.

Racism and compensation inequity

  • Of the 53 Planned Parenthood CEOs, only four were black.
  • The lowest paid CEO was a black woman. She was paid $124,045, while the highest paid affiliate CEO, a white woman, was paid $616,926.
  • We were able to identify only three Hispanic CEOs.
  • A mere 13% of Planned Parenthood affiliates’ CEOs are non-white.

Read our 2020 report on Planned Parenthood racism here, where we quote Planned Parenthood repeatedly admitting and confirming its racism. Our 2023 Planned Parenthood racism report will be released soon!

Our upcoming report on Planned Parenthood CEO compensation will provide one more level of proof that at Planned Parenthood the rich get richer—while the poor get abortions.

ALL’s 2023 Report on Planned Parenthood CEO Compensation is projected to be released later this week. Look for a link to the full report on our website and in the June 14 edition of the Wednesday STOPP Report!

Any day that Planned Parenthood starts cutting staff is a good day. Cutting staff means cutting Planned Parenthood’s reach. It also means Planned Parenthood is financially pressed. All that spells more internal unrest. And internal unrest leads to collapse. Now Planned Parenthood Federation of America—already rife with internal stress—is dramatically cutting staff in its national office. Up to 100 of its 725-750 employees will be laid off, according to the Associated Press.

Planned Parenthood’s union is not happy, complaining that PP leadership is “pushing out some of our movement’s brightest minds . . . at a time where reproductive freedom is in jeopardy and when our members are struggling under difficult economic conditions.”

On the flip side, however, Planned Parenthood’s plan, according to an NPR report, is to send $70 million plus to its affiliates that operate regional centers around the nation, in part to increase their ability to reach clients through telehealth—one of Planned Parenthood’s most effective work-arounds in states that have abortion restrictions—and ramp up the local, state, and national fights for abortion access. PPFA, an admittedly racist organization, will also fund a project currently underway targeting black women with abortion and birth control, in the name of reproductive health equity.

Joining PPFA in the national-staff-cuts-for-affiliate-funding endeavor is its political arm—Planned Parenthood Action Fund. Both arms are headed by Alexis McGill Johnson, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

In a statement, McGill Johnson said, “PPFA and the Action Fund are expanding direct investment in the 49 independent Planned Parenthood affiliates across all 50 states and D.C.—so that they can continue to provide high-quality health care [read ‘abortion and birth control’] and education [read ‘propaganda’] to more patients in the communities they serve; increase access to abortion care [sic]; and build a powerful movement for abortion access at the local and state level.”

It seems a bit off the wall that PPFA is ostensibly cutting up to 100 staff members from the national office to bankroll the projects over a several year period to “help” its 49 affiliates (which CEO Alexis McGill Johnson says are not struggling financially), when according to its latest annual government filing the Planned Parenthood Federation of America national office reports it brought in $663 million in revenue in 2021-22. Johnson describes the rechanneling of the axed employees’ paychecks as a change in focus for Planned Parenthood.

“PPFA appears to have reached a juncture where it is willing to sacrifice some of its highly compensated employees to pour millions more into sidestepping abortion restrictions and building its political machine in the states, where the fight to determine abortion restrictions now rages, causing even more internal unrest for the abortion mogul,” said Rita Diller, interim director of American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood International. “Our most recent research here at STOPP shows that the average annual compensation for a Planned Parenthood Federation of America top executive in the national office is $421,713, which places them in the top 98th percentile of US wage earners,” Diller pointed out. That’s a stark contrast to PP’s targeted poverty-stricken clientele that report, according to Planned Parenthood, that “70% live with incomes at or below 150% of poverty level, the equivalent of $39,300 a year for a family of four.”

The national office of Planned Parenthood where the staff cuts are being made does not run medical clinics. It provides a network for its affiliates that are all required to commit abortions. PPFA’s latest annual report shows that it committed 1,025 abortions per day in 2021-22.

In light of the killing, the ridiculous disparity in the average American’s ability to support itself financially, and the relentless, racist advance of the overfunded, overblown political machine so carelessly called “Planned Parenthood”—the machine that daily targets these devastatingly poor families for monetary and political gain—American Life League calls once again on Congress to remove Planned Parenthood’s “charitable organization” status and stop funding its destructive business that does the absolute opposite of helping families.

While Alexis McGill Johnson is ever so busy directing PPFA-the-abortion-machine with one hand, and PP-Action-Fund-the-political-machine with the other hand, families are literally being blown out of existence by the exhaust generated from the “power” she is building across this nation. Enough is enough. It is time to put on the brakes and STOPP Planned Parenthood.


    Congratulations to our ALL Associate Group Pro-Life Waco and its cofounder and longtime leader John Pisciotta. For the second time, Pro-Life Waco has shut down a Planned Parenthood community-based sex program—this time before it hit the ground.

    The name of the recently planned sex ed initiative was “What Sex Ed Didn’t Cover.” This “deep dive seminar” for youths 18 and over was slated for May 15, 2023, at a venue appropriately named Casket and Cauldron.

    A week before the event was scheduled, Pro-Life Waco director John Pisciotta organized a sidewalk protest to include “Carolyn”—Pro-Life Waco’s billboard truck—parked across the street from the venue. 

    “Three days before show time, the sex promotion event experienced a late-term abortion,” Pisciotta said. One of three event speakers, Julie Felderhoff, announced on Facebook, “Due to unforeseen circumstances, we’re having to completely postpone” the event. Felderhoff’s post continued, “I’m absolutely devastated that we are not able to make this work for the day and time that we originally planned.” According to her LinkedIn profile, Felderhoff is a “wax specialist” at “Waxed Bare” and was listed on the event flier as the host of the event.

    Another seminar speaker for “What Sex Ed Didn’t Cover” was Rachel Platt, community health educator for Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas.

    “Planned Parenthood does not put its name on a sex ed initiative without having major control,” said Pisciotta. “The event contained the free-sex-fingerprints of Planned Parenthood and founder Margaret Sanger,” he continued. The promotional flier said the event would offer “free drinks, condoms, pregnancy tests, lubricants, dental dams, and literature,” and topics included safe sex, pleasure, consent, and much more.

    This is not the first time Pro-Life Waco has countered Planned Parenthood sex ed. “Pro-Life Waco has delivered public witness and protest for Planned Parenthood events back into the 1990s,” Pisciotta explained. “It is in the DNA of Pro-Life Waco to legally and vigorously challenge Planned Parenthood events. An organization that kills precious babies and promotes sexual promiscuity is beyond the bounds of respectability in Central Texas.”

    “The previous program, a one-day summer sex promotion seminar launched in 1987 under the name Nobody’s Fool targeted children entering grades 5-9. Nobody’s Fool was the flashpoint of contention for years. Pisciotta elaborated, “We even gave away special yard signs that dotted Waco neighborhoods. And Planned Parenthood countered with its own yard signs. On the day of Nobody’s Fool we would have 50 to 100 on site at the Waco Convention Center holding signs and talking to adults escorting children. We were successful at convincing some parents to change course and return home. A few even joined us in protest after learning more about Planned Parenthood.”

    Expanding on the protest, in 2004 Pro-Life Waco led a local Girl Scout Cookie Boycott because of collaboration between the local Bluebonnet Girl Scout Council and the Nobody’s Fool conference. The Bluebonnet Council offered its logo for Nobody’s Fool flyers and print advertising. The boycott extended past Waco into a national news story—with television coverage on the Today Show, Hannity and Colmes, and the 700 Club. Public pressure mounted. In less than three weeks, the Bluebonnet Girl Scout Council severed all ties with Planned Parenthood. Pro-Life Waco delivered a strong blow to the public image of Planned Parenthood.

    In 2013, attendance at Nobody’s Fool declined to less than 70 from a highpoint of 700. Nobody’s Fool was terminated in 2013.

    Pisciotta and Pro-Life Waco remain ever vigilant, and that vigilance is a landmark of an organization that is successful at curbing the abortion giant. “Our eyes are still wide open,” Pisciotta said.