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WSR: 2023-04-26

  • Join ALL TODAY in Praying for Kansas: Prayer for Life Rosary Procession around the Capitol
  • Former Planned Parenthood Communications Head Who Wrote ‘Love Letters to Abortion’ Commits Suicide in Wake of Child Porn Investigation and Botched Arrest
  • Planned Parenthood Will Continue with Pill Abortions—with or without Mifepristone
  • Abortion Pill Manufacturer Will Pay $765,00 to Settle Customs-Fee-Dodging Lawsuit; $116,000 to Whistle-Blowing Pro-Life Lawyers 

By Rita Diller

American Life League and STOPP leadership are proud to join our prayers with our Associate Group Right to Life of Kansas, Inc., as the group launches the first Prayer for Life Rosary Procession around the Kansas Capitol Square today.

The rosary event at the capitol is in petition for conversion and is part of a peaceful protest of the faulty interpretation of the state’s constitution in Hodes & Nauser MDs v. Schmidt, which says the state constitution protects the right to abortion—obviously in direct contradiction to the wording and intent of the constitution. 

STOPP invites all our prayer partners, associates, subscribers, and supporters worldwide to join in prayer for Kansas.

Those “unable to travel to Topeka on April 26th are invited to participate virtually by joining us in prayer that day,” Right to Life of Kansas says on its prayer initiative webpage. It continues, “Given the language of the Kansas Constitution, it is fitting to ask Almighty God that all Kansans may respect the natural right to life, a right the constitution does not limit to those already born. We will pray the first decade of the rosary for the people of Kansas, the second decade for the governor and her successors, the third decade for the legislature, the fourth decade for the judiciary, and the fifth decade for the administrative agencies.” 

STOPP advocates for the praying of the rosary and Eucharistic processions to stop abortion worldwide through our STOPP outreach and our Marian Blue Wave and Surge. Along with the Eucharist, rosary processions and vigils are key ingredients in our work to stop Planned Parenthood and abortion.

STOPP is proud to stand with our ALL Associate Group Right to Life of Kansas, Inc., as its members lead the way in invoking Our Lady’s leadership and grace in the battle for life in Kansas. For complete information about today’s rosary procession and protest, click here. If you can’t pray at 2 p.m., please pray when you can, and know that others across the nation will also be joining in prayer for Kansas.

If your pro-life group is 100% pro-life without exceptions and would like to become an ALL Associate Group, please contact There is strength in numbers! What a joy it is to network with so many thousands of our Marian Blue Wave and Surge members and Associate Groups nationwide and throughout the world!


About a year before he committed suicide—and following his neighbor’s mistaken arrest on child pornography charges with a warrant that was meant to be leveled against him—Tim Yergeau, then-director of strategic communications at Planned Parenthood of Southern New England, was in the abortion giant’s New Haven parking lot directing the writing of 247 “love letters to abortion.” The outpouring of the deranged abortion lovesickness was sparked by the leaking of the Supreme Court Dobbs decision that negated Roe v. Wade’s bogus right to abortion.

After it became clear that the wrong person had been arrested in the child porn raid, the New Haven police chief confirmed that “the person who died was definitely the suspect in a child pornography investigation and [was] the person who committed suicide.”

It is not surprising that a person targeted in a child porn bust would be so closely connected to Planned Parenthood. Abortion is a vital escape route to child abusers who rush to cover up impregnation of minors via abortion. 

Suicide is always a tragedy, and we pray for his family as well as all the victims of child pornography and pedophilia.


There has been much dust raised in the media about the federal court kerfuffle surrounding the abortion pill mifepristone and its suppression by an Amarillo federal judge—initially delayed by the same judge and then delayed again twice by the Supreme Court of the United States. But while Planned Parenthood protests loudly about the horrors of possibly being deprived of its first choice of pills that kill babies, it is clear it has its own backup plan in place already.

As ALL’s Hugh Brown and Rita Diller recently pointed out, Planned Parenthood leaders from multiple states and at the national level are lashing out against the looming unavailability of mifepristone—the drug that is used as the first step in killing most of the children aborted every day in the US. Their very clearly stated plan is to skip step 1 of the current abortion pill cocktail—mifepristone—when it becomes unavailable to them. Mifepristone disrupts maternal support to the rapidly developing baby by breaking down the uterine lining.

Instead, they will proceed directly to what is now step 2 of the cocktail, misoprostol. And they will do this even though they admit it involves greater danger to the girls and women being given the drug. Misoprostol induces labor and begins the process of expelling the developing child.

Here are a few examples of statements by Planned Parenthood affiliate leaders.

Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts: Ellen Frank, interim president and CEO of Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts (PPLM), plainly stated her intention to move on to misoprostol without first administering mifepristone when/if mifepristone is no longer available to her. In an April 8 media release, Frank said, “PPLM is still providing medication abortion care as usual in our health centers and via telehealth and is fully prepared to continue offering care with misoprostol, the other medication that safely and effectively ends a pregnancy, if necessary.” The media release was in response to the April 7 federal court ruling invalidating the FDA’s approval of mifepristone to end pregnancy.

PPLM’s VP of medical services chimed in, admitting the increased dangers of using misoprostol solo to abort babies: “Eliminating mifepristone . . . from the market will severely compromise abortion access [and] will force health care providers to offer medication for abortion . . . that is both less effective and with more severe side effects. 

Planned Parenthood Alaska stated, “Medication abortion will continue to be available in Alaska. If eventually required, Planned Parenthood health centers in Alaska are prepared to switch to providing misoprostol-only medication abortion.” 

Planned Parenthood of Michigan stated,

Let’s be clear—Planned Parenthood of Michigan will continue to provide safe and legal medication abortion to everyone who relies on us for care. But in response to this decision out of Texas, PPMI—like providers nationwide—is being forced to evaluate our protocols and prepare to shift to a misoprostol-only regimen if necessary.

Misoprostol-only abortion is safe, but it is slightly less effective. For patients, this means a higher number of medication abortions will require additional care, potentially forcing people to seek higher levels of abortion care later in pregnancy and placing additional—and sometimes insurmountable—barriers in front of them.  

Planned Parenthood Federation of America has also joined in. At, the website of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, it is perfectly clear that a shift to misoprostol-only abortions is in the works. Here one can easily find instructions on how to have a misoprostol-only abortion, what the results are, and what a girl or woman may see.

PP will continue pill abortions, with or without mifepristone.

These are only a few examples of the Planned Parenthood affiliates, as well as the national Planned Parenthood umbrella organization, preparing to shift to misoprostol-only abortions. It is very clear that Planned Parenthood’s plan is to go forward with what it dubs “medication abortion” with or without mifepristone, without a care for women’s health, and without a care for the babies they are killing. 

The battle to save lives and end abortion hinges on the relentless effort to battle the wickedness and snares of Planned Parenthood. It is truly an evil, vile, demonic group of people committed to deceit, disorder, lying, death, and destroying families. STOPP is the only nationwide organization focused exclusively on stopping Planned Parenthood. Your support is vital to the work we do, and it’s always very much appreciated! You can contribute to our lifesaving work here.

The US Justice Department has revealed a recent agreement with the manufacturer of mifepristone—the embattled abortion pill that kills most of the aborted babies in the US. The abortion pill manufacturer agreed to pay $765,000 to settle a whistleblower lawsuit filed by Life Legal Defense, a pro-life public interest law firm. More than $116,000 of that amount will go directly to Life Legal Defense for its efforts in uncovering the violation, with the balance going to the United States through its justice and customs departments. 

The lawsuit is based on the alleged failure of Danco—the mifepristone pill manufacturer—to label the drug during the years it was being imported into the US as having originated in another country. Because it was not properly labeled, the suit says, US customs fees were avoided by Danco. 

Mifepristone/misoprostol abortions are a huge moneymaker for Planned Parenthood and its cohorts in the abortion industry, as it is the method of choice for more than half of all abortions that originate at their facilities. By using the pills, PP avoids the need for expensive abortionists and surgical equipment and staffing, sending the women home to complete their own abortions, while Planned Parenthood banks similar amounts of money per abortion for the pill abortion as it would a surgical abortion.

While Danco did not make an outright admission of guilt in the settlement agreement, it willingly paid the three-quarters of a million dollars to make the litigation go away.

Kudos to Life Legal Defense for calling Danco’s hand.