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Men for All Seasons

Controversy appears to have adopted a different framework, and we now have a new adaptation of what it means to be outside the mainstream.

The Crude World of Baby Making

Once thought of as blessings from God, babies are now merely commodities possessions to be tinkered with at whim. And, when they aren’t wanted, or when something goes wrong, we just discard them like trash and start over. Catholic clergy have spoken about this tragedy that has befallen our society, but not enough have used their voices, nor have they spoken loudly enough. We cannot sit back and watch this calamity unfold. It is time for them all to speak loudly.

Catholic Bishops: Paper Tigers or Roaring Lions?

Catholic bishops and clergy have a responsibility to not only make their voices heard, but to teach those of the Catholic faith how to use their own voices. This means that the clergy must instruct and teach regularly about Catholic tenets and doctrine, yet we do not see this. As we see a continuing moral decline in our country, we realize now more than ever that we need to hear a roar rather than a whimper.

Catholic Relief Services Under Fire

he official international aid arm of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has “no business giving money to organizations that work directly against the Church.